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    [Help] Reading values from config

    Hi, simple question here. I want to read 3 variables from user (R, G, B) via Config. It will be better to make something like this: R=255 G=1 B=1 or COLOR=255,1,1 and with above ^ split/extract these three values?
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    TeamMessage trigger? (teamsay)

    Hi, I'm trying to get output of 'TeamSay' ingame command but without success, I've checked a lot of source from KF tryed other methods but no luck. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? (Output from 'Say' is fine'). class X extends PlayerController; Event TeamMessage(PlayerReplicationInfo PRI...
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    How I can access this function? I've tryed everything, also extra classess like 'class X extends AdminBase'. I'm out of ideas.:(
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    [Help] Whitelisting or not?

    Hi, i have short question about whitelisting. I'm in slow process of fixing some mutator which is loading via ServerActors= He don't interact with game anyways, and when i recompile i don't see problem with perk progress which is good because it's easier to develop/fix it. So my question is...
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    Fast perk/class change via console?

    As in thread. Any chances? I didn't find it in wiki, also wiki doesn't contain all commands like 'Speech' etc. Thanks in advance