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  1. Lt_Kettch

    KF Killing Floor VR

    So apparently TWI announced a new game in the Killing Floor Universe. It will be a Virtual Reality game. There is no dedicated forum section yet and the youtube comments are pretty negative, so I wanted to know what you guys think? Will this be the next Killing Floor: Calamity? Or will it be...
  2. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Looks like there will be a sequel to Insurgency, creatively called Insurgency: Sandstorm The game will feature the Unreal Engine 4, some more key features: Screenies: http://newworldinteractive.com/announcing-insurgency-sandstorm/ Pretty exciting news as the series is really great, however...
  3. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Battalion 1944 - WWII FPS on kickstarter

    Surprisingly nobody else posted a thread yet. So here we go. Apparently there is a new WWII (western front) first person shooter in the making. Key features are Unreal Engine 4, "skill based" gameplay ala Medal of Honor and/or Call of Duty and photogrammetry used for realistic environments...
  4. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Steam Holiday ("Christmas") Sale 2014

    So tell us what you got, or planning to get. I am not really interested in anything atm :( Also I think after all those years with crazy deals they try to train us back to higher prices. For example Rise of Nations is in a featured deal and it is 50% off. A few weeks ago it was 75% off...
  5. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Alien: Isolation

    So the Alien Game Creative Assembly secretly was working on finally has been announced. And it appears like it could be the first real Alien game. Supposedly you don't run through hordes of aliens with an arsenal that would put most armies to shame, instead there will be only one Alien (the...
  6. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] State of Decay

    Didn't find a thread, and since the steam version is out for a couple of days (early access), I thought I could open one up. So apparently this is the next big thing in terms of Zombie games. It is a bit like DayZ more open world-ish and non-linear but strictly single player. You can watch a...
  7. Lt_Kettch

    [Sport] Women's Football World Cup 2011

    Today the Women's Football World Cup 2011 in Germany has started. France won against Nigeria 1:0 earlier today. Germany is playing against Canada right now (half time break atm). Here is a link to a stream (works in the Netherlands but no in the UK or Germany)...
  8. Lt_Kettch

    Open RO 3.3 in the Ut2k4 editor

    So does anyone remember how to open maps from the old Red Orchestra mod in the UT2004 editor? I pretty sure you have to add a few lines to the UT2k4.ini so the editor knows where the files are. Because atm the editor crashes when I try to open a mod map and I am to lazy/stupid to figure it out...
  9. Lt_Kettch

    Remake of Nalchik

    As a thread title says I want to see a remake of the awesome Carpathian Crosses map Nalchik (I think it was spelled like that) in Rising Storm. The map would still work in a tropical island village. Make it happen daskarma :IS2:
  10. Lt_Kettch

    Screenshot Showcase Vids

    This just popped up in the tripwire youtube channel YouTube - Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad Screenshot Vid 01 YouTube - Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad Screenshot Vid 02 What do you think? (Except for the poor video quality :() EDIT: Quality is good now :)
  11. Lt_Kettch

    Weapon Mutator problem

    Well after a few hours of watching tutorial videos (3dbuzz etc). I thought I could change the behavior of a gun a bit and make it a mutator. Changing the gun was pretty easy (even if I don't know if it really works because I can't summon the gun and the mutator doesn't work ...) I read...
  12. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Blur

    This looks like a fun arcade racing game breaking of the recent trend of racing sims. I think this really could be fun in multi-player especially with the power ups because we all know Nintendo still doesn't release Mario Kart for PC :rolleyes: so this is probably is the best we will get I am...
  13. Lt_Kettch

    Dingoo A320

    Well, the Dingoo is a handheld which has a lot of useful features which makes it the perfect portable media player in my eyes. It comes with a 2,8" display and 4gb internal memory (and a Mini SD slot for more) it plays normal video files (no converting needed), most of the commonly used audio...
  14. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Fuxxored drivers?

    I recently upgraded to an Gainward GTX 275 but so far the benefits are limited because a lot of games got unplayable ... Of course I reinstalled Vista before I built in the new GFX. I can play Empire and Anno 1404 just fine but Killing Floor, UT3 and Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway crash...
  15. Lt_Kettch

    The Death Test

    This is some test which tells you how long you will have to life judging from your lifestyle. Obviously ugliness has an effect on your lifespan (I always assumed) According to this test I will die in March 2068 from cancer (or in a car accident with 25%) at the age of 81. Bah...
  16. Lt_Kettch

    Can we get the SDK manual before release?

    So kind Mister Dev, can we get the SDK manual before release? Assuming there will be one :rolleyes: Would be nice to have look at it before the game is out so we know how the actors work. I know I am impatient (and you are probably very busy atm) :eek:
  17. Lt_Kettch

    What makes a good map for you?

    After not playing RO for a long time I fired it up again and played a round on Smolensk Statlemate despite the fact that it won the competition (once upon a time ;)) what can I say? ... I don't like it I don't like it because it is basically a tube no real room for maneuver, the playable area...
  18. Lt_Kettch

    [CC map] RO-Transsilvania_beta1

    RO-Transsilvania_beta1 Lt. Kettch presents RO-clichename ... RO-Transsilvania a map for the mod Carpathian Crosses, in order to play this map you need the CC mod, the texture package GUPHillT.utx Kettch_T.utx and the static mesh packages KettchSM.usx and GUP_HILLSM.usx (those packages are...
  19. Lt_Kettch

    RO nostalgia

    I stumbled upon this old (I mean old) interview which sums up the legend of TWI pretty well. And while we are eagerly waiting for the announcment of Game 2 why not look back how it all began? http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200602/N06.0208.1901.19923.htm And in German I am too tired...
  20. Lt_Kettch

    [Game] Get a Life

    Seriously there is a HL2 mod called Get a Life (blame the French for the name). What I read about it sounded very nice. It has a story new weapons and characters sounds like a decent horror single player mod. Haven't tried it yet but thought I would share it with you...