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  1. LunaticMaster

    Hemoclobber secondary attack does not heal you BUG (PS4)

    So was playing offline endless on Desolation and used the Hemoclobber. The Secondary attacks did not heal me, but did damage to the zeds. The healing gas cloud should heal you, but for some reason it doesn't. VIDEO PROOF:
  2. LunaticMaster

    Can we get a Item sale for PS4 this summer?

    So we here at PS4 are still waiting for a item sale where we can buy crate bundles & Weapon dlc bundles at discounted prices. So i'm once again asking if we finally getting a Item Sale this summer? I haven't bought any dlc weapon bundle on PS4 because i promised to myself to wait till a item...
  3. LunaticMaster

    Fleshify non-Matriarch EDARs and Reduce the Seeker Six's recoil

    So the biggest problem the players have witht he EDARs is that they make ugly and non-satisfying sounds when you shoot them with guns or hit them with the melee weapons. So i suggest that the developers should "fleshify" all non-Matriarch boss wave EDARs! Basically all the EDARs that would...
  4. LunaticMaster

    Firebug skill: Barbecue is very weak and should receive a buff

    The latest buffs to Firebug and it's arsenal has made the Ground fire perk even more powerful! That is fine but now the weaker skill the Barbecua has been left to gather dust in the corner. So in order to make the Barbecue skill more interesting and stronger, i have few buff ideas here! Make...
  5. LunaticMaster

    Firebug DLC weapon: Suomi KP/-31 with a underbarrel Flamethrower

    I think this weapon would make a amazing addition for the Firebug. It's the finnish ww2 smg with a underbarrel flamer! Ain't that cool? Basically it would be a smg that could shoot fire bullets like the Mac-10, but also would have a flamethrower under it's barrel. How would i balance it? It...
  6. LunaticMaster

    Any news on the Item sale event for the PS4?

    You know the PS4 players are still waiting for in-game item shop sale so we can buy the DLC weapon bundles for discounted price. The PC players got that massive sale during the last Twisted Christmas event. So as a PS4 player i'm still wondering if we are going to get a item sale event at...
  7. LunaticMaster

    TWI developers can we talk about the Vosh item shop? (Poll included! Please vote!)

    I have read from the reddit and the steam kf2 forums that almost all of the playerbase of KF2 would want the Vosh shop to be added in the Killing Floor2! If you developers really care about the game the KF2's REPLAYABILITY. Then you would add the Vosh item shop! What could the players do with...
  8. LunaticMaster

    Odd/funny weapon in your face after respawn BUG

    No idea what happened. After i respawned and emoted. My gun was in my face for some reason. It went away after i shot once.
  9. LunaticMaster

    Killerwatt Charged beam interruption BUG

    On that video you can clearly see that the Matriarch's tentacle grab deletes my Killerwats charge and deletes the ammo.
  10. LunaticMaster

    TWI any news on the upcoming in-game store sales for the Consoles?

    Many Console players and me included are still wating for that big in-game item sale. I'm talking about the latest Christmas launch sale on Steam's KF2. Just wondering if we are getting any news on when the sale will launch on consoles?
  11. LunaticMaster

    Horzine Supply Weapon crate #6 Bundle? (Deepstrike)

    I was wondering if we could get a option to buy the Deepstrike weapon skin crates / the weapon skin crate #6 in bundles from the in-game store? As usual it's super hard to get these Weapon skin crates on the consoles, because of the RNG item drops. So just hoping we can get a option to buy them...
  12. LunaticMaster

    Ammo vest & Prepared not working immediately

    When playing in online and buying a perk weapon for Swat or the Commando, the gun won't get the "Carry up to 20% more ammo for each perk weapon" immediately. Instead you have first exit the Trader pod after buying the Perk weapon, then you re-open the Trader pod and now the weapon has the...
  13. LunaticMaster

    Buff the Dreadnaught skill!

    currently it's super weak and almost never used! The Skirmisher is just so much more viable for every scenario! How would i make it more viable? Very simple! Just give 1 hp health regeneration per second! WOW! This simple buff would make it more balanced and more viable to use. Now you are...
  14. LunaticMaster

    Prepared & Ammo vest skills not working properly

    So when you use these perks and you buy a perk weapon, be it smg or a assault rifle. Your weapons max ammo count won't get the 20% increased bonus when you buy the weapon from the trader pod. So after that you just have to close the trader pod and open it again. This should fix the issue. I was...
  15. LunaticMaster

    Prepared & Ammo vest skills not working properly (PS4)

    So when you use these perks and you buy a perk weapon, be it smg or a assault rifle. Your weapons max ammo count won't get the 20% increased bonus when you buy the weapon from the trader pod. So after that you just have to close the trader pod and open it again. This should fix the issue. I was...
  16. LunaticMaster

    Thanks TWI for putting Deepstrike cosmetic bundles!

    Now i can finally collect my ps4 account some good looking military cosmetics! I have for very long asked to have the Deepstrike character cosmetic crates to be sold in bundles. And now they are. Feels good. Thanks.
  17. LunaticMaster

    Deepstrike cosmetics bundle? Cosmetics keep resetting.

    I would love to get a full Deepstrike set for my character, so wouldn't mind buying a bundle that has them. Also i have this issue where when ever a update for the game happens, my character gets reseted also my character cosmetics and weapon skins get rested too. It's annoying and i will never...
  18. LunaticMaster

    Horzine Supply Crate series #12 for Consoles?

    I have already asked this many times here on the forums. But as i love army & futuristic army cosmetics very much, i was hopeing if we could get the Horzine Supply Crate series #12 for the Consoles? I would love to collect all of them cosmetics in that crate, so having the ability to buy them...
  19. LunaticMaster

    More Military themed cosmetic crates & outfit bundles!

    Please. Some of use like the more military themed cosmetics more then the crazy & funny ones. Any possibility that the developers could make a new Military themed Cosmetic crate that you could buy in bundles?
  20. LunaticMaster

    Cyber Punk outfit: left shoulder pad clipping when using a knife (PS4)

    Max field of view on console (125%) PS4. The left shoulders pad starts to clip when wielding the basic knife. It's very annoying.