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Search results

  1. Ic0n0clast

    upgraded boomstick or doomstick?

    I carry the boom stick as backup/shotgun jump/stun.
  2. Ic0n0clast

    Looking for HoE group

    I play HoE all the time and in groups on Xbox. GT: TX RED RUBICON
  3. Ic0n0clast

    Buff the Dreadnaught skill!

    In group play with good medic I take Dred all the time. Only if medic is running all dart perks.
  4. Ic0n0clast

    List all of your loadouts for Survivalist!

    I have been trying out the crossbow and it is actually fairly decent. Coupled with the 501/M16/RPG its not that bad.
  5. Ic0n0clast

    Hemoclobber Skins?

    I have only got the Vault Dosh one.
  6. Ic0n0clast

    Hemoclobber Skins?

    Ah ha, I knew you'd like it. You tried in on survivalist? It is totally perfect for it. Pair it with an RPG, and it is a zed killin machine.
  7. Ic0n0clast

    Allow the riot shield to be used with any SMG, not just the machine pistol

    Do you guys plan on allowing the G18C to receive benefit from Close Combat Training, LVL 10 perk, on the swat?
  8. Ic0n0clast

    List all of your loadouts for Survivalist!

    1. Upped Hemoglobber + Upped Rpg/Huskcannon - Healing nades All n all best survivalist loadout to 'survive' as perk intends. 2. HM501 + RPG/M99 - Molotovs. Early waves - M79 and Healing Grenades ZEDSPLOSION is your friend is most OP skill on Survivalist. ALWAYS TAKE MELEE EXPERT. The move...
  9. Ic0n0clast

    UI suggestion for medic specifically

    Medic positions himself for the team. VC of the player can say I need healz. Rambo players away from medic do so at their own peril.
  10. Ic0n0clast

    New update is very unstable

    This new update is ****. Performance has gone down badly. People on Xbox having game restart and console restart. FPS issues are rampant in 2+ player games. Almost unplayable aside from offline solo. I had two people have issues last night and we were having problems joining games which is...
  11. Ic0n0clast

    FPS Issues... Again

    Does anyone else have FPS issues with the game? the only time I don't have it is when I play solo and sometimes 3-4 players. 6 players matches is when the FPS drops noticeably and results in unwarranted deaths to the team or myself. I have an 1X and also run the game off a SSD which runs games...
  12. Ic0n0clast

    Hell on Earth Rewards/Leaderboard

    Running Hell on Earth should yield higher rewards/exclusive cosmetics for completion, especially long waves. It has to be Specific maps or maybe if you complete all maps on long wave would grant a crate. Some people would just try to abuse this via Nuked or Spillway. Perhaps a leaderboard for...
  13. Ic0n0clast

    Dying Randomly

    I have died several times on different maps, mostly on The Descent, to nothing. Walk up to the trader and die. Most recently, I killed Patty on Nightmare Suicidal and then died randomly. I gave up on life.
  14. Ic0n0clast

    FPS Issues

    Anyone else notice a decrease in FPS after the recent update. It is most noticeable on Spillway.
  15. Ic0n0clast

    Tripwire Can’t Fix a Game

    It's your end.
  16. Ic0n0clast

    How to beat Killing Floor 2