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  1. Coffee009

    How many KF2 players go back to play KF1?

    Title. I was curious how many people who frequently/occasionally play KF2 still get that itch to play the original game. Personally, I like to go back every few months because I find both games fun and enjoyable, but I really like the atmosphere (the game feels very dreamlike imo), better...
  2. Coffee009

    Option to prestige after rank 5?

    I'm somebody who basically lives for the grind, and I wish there would be an option to 'dry' prestige after achieving the max possible rank for a perk. Even if the reward is lessened/not given, I'd still like to go from 1-25 on my maxed out perks, because after hitting 25 I have like no drive to...
  3. Coffee009

    Singular Winterbite and Rhino for Sharpshooter?

    Just for the sake of consistency tbh, the sharp already has the other singular gunslinger revolvers and it just feels weird that these new ones are omitted from that rule.
  4. Coffee009

    Rhino gives no XP on ricochet kills

    Category: Weapon bug Reproducibility: Always Summary: Rhino does not give XP when kills are achieved with the fragmentation Note how I earned dosh and the faint kill feed message on the top right (you can see the skull). I tried this with a lot of zeds and I even changed to support (because...
  5. Coffee009

    Auto trigger for Vlad 1000

    I'm not saying to change the fire rate or anything on the single fire mode, but the amount of clicking required just wears down on you.
  6. Coffee009

    Will we see any new perks in the future?

    Title. I like most of the perks in KF2, but I was wondering if eventually we would see perk 11+? I know this year is all about cleanup but like 2020 if KF2 is still being supported, it would be cool to see some new perks to play around with, maybe something with a unique twist, Like bring in...
  7. Coffee009

    I want to try making a map

    Title... I need a hobby lol. I have this idea for an objective/progression map cooking in my head for about a week now based off an old game design doc that I made but never finished; and theres no way in hell I'd be able to make a game on my own. Now that KF2 has an objective mode, I really...
  8. Coffee009

    Tons of crashes this update

    I tried playing KF2 after this update on 2 computers, my main pc and my laptop and both instances crash ALOT on menus, like selecting skills, skipping the trader, pressing escape while paused, the menus feel so unstable for me. I tried reinstalling twice and verifying my files to no effect. I...
  9. Coffee009

    The vlad needs fixxed

    This weapon felt great before but ever since it got the extra nail per burst, it only fires 5 full shots of nails before you're stuck with 2 nails. This is quite annoying since the last shot in the mag is a tiny 'poof' compared to the rest of the nice and chunky bursts. This gun needs a 2 nail...
  10. Coffee009

    Dar face cosmetics too low

    Glasses/face cosmetics on DAR are super low and almost fall off the robo-brain... it just looks off strange. Its most apparent with retro sunglasses or the christmas snowman eyes/nose wich actually float instead of sit on DAR's head
  11. Coffee009

    Medic buffs need indicators

    I'm talking about the more damage, faster movement speed, and damage resistance you get from the medic healing. The only way I can tell I'm getting any of these buffs is the obvious movement speed. It would be nice if there is little circles next to your health numbers that filled up more and...
  12. Coffee009

    The survivalist needs it's own starting weapon

    I really hate how spawning with the survivalist is such a gamble on what you get. Half the time you just get a weapon that's opposite of the skill you selected for level 5, or a pair of revolvers that sell for less than a standard tier 1, or a crovel when you have the medic skill selected for...
  13. Coffee009

    What do I need to host a server?

    Probably a dumb question, but one of my favorite servers, Happycat's Litterbox (64 player endless, custom maps) was shut down by the owner. I didn't realize how much I would miss it until it was gone. The server felt like an actual community rather than a one-off instance with six people. When I...
  14. Coffee009

    Pinging system?

    I'm not going to lie, it's probably one of my favorite features of Apex Legends. It's such a convenient and nice feature that allows for nonverbal and quick communication. I booted up a game of KF2 with a few my friends, and honestly I kind of wished I had it. It would be so much easier to mark...
  15. Coffee009

    Open up workshop to gun submissions?

    I think the spring update is pretty good, I like the map and I like the guns but it feels a little... anemic? I don't want to sound whiny but I felt like this with updates for a while... at least after that upgrade update. I feel like it would spark a lot of interest back into the game if...
  16. Coffee009

    Classic Husk Gun

    I don't know how hard this would be to add, but it would be cool for like a DLC or a challange or something we can get a husk cannon skin that changes the model to the KF1 style. If it's considered a skin, I don't think it would conflict with other skins and it would be cool to see a 'throwback'...
  17. Coffee009

    Eat Lead underrated?

    I've been using this skill along with the high capacity mags on commando and I'm suprised how much you can rip through hordes with ease. Add on the stumble skill and you can solo anything scrake and below no problem. An extra benefit with both skills is each ammo drop gives you 2.5x the base...
  18. Coffee009

    Oldschool vibe

    I know this is a bug, but when I first saw this, it reminded me of old first person shooters that I used to play like Timesplitters, Goldeneye and even Painkiller. Anyone else think this or am I crazy. Like compare this: https://gyazo.com/4a403a32fa22c76a1bafa4cd38e55f29...
  19. Coffee009

    Clipping issue on Hayato and Russian Gas Mask

  20. Coffee009

    Reload Canceling

    I noticed on most steam guides and whatnot, reload canceling is done using bash and to be honest, using bash to reload cancel seems pointless as you have to play the bash animation anyways. Why does it seem that noone on steam uses switching weapons as a cancel? It is instant and very easy to...