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  1. Splatpope


    when is it coming
  2. Splatpope

    gibe sjerpshotter pls

    when will i be able to m14 lar in kf2 ? tia
  3. Splatpope

    Inane Bull**** series : friendly thoughts about rubberbanding

    [from this point on, please assume a grumpy old woman is saying this] Now you have to explain why KF2's multiplayer relies on a connection as huge as a 1080p youtube stream transmitted on a can and string telephone, because that's how the game feels to me at the moment. Every multiplayer game...
  4. Splatpope

    The inspiration for thrillschills

    If it doesn't come from this : http://www.amusingplanet.com/2014/05/salina-turda-underground-theme-park-in.html then I'm out
  5. Splatpope

    What are the prerequisites for a server to be seen in the servers list ?

    All in the title, both ingame and on the steam servers window. I'm having quite the hard time here as my server is hosted on a wonky configuration : Internet <> Front Router (PF, NAT, QoS) <> Back Router (DNS, DHCP) <> Servers (A lot of stuff including Web hosting, smtp, ...) and a ~200 units...
  6. Splatpope

    Request : Make a silenced KSG

    Like in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh_z21fzQb8 Seriously this **** is B A N A N A S and if you don't want to make it at least explain me how to, seriously this is the ~best~ (For real though this looks so amazing)
  7. Splatpope

    Fullscreen makes my game mega slow

    Nothing else to add. Why would that be ? I have a core i5 sandy bridge 3300Mhz, 8 Gb of RAM and a Nvidia GT 240.
  8. Splatpope

    apparently steam says kf runs on linux

    well it's in their "linux-supported" list of games so, this is it ? kf is on linux now ?
  9. Splatpope

    gerneal dissuction

    he hey lets talk about wepon in rel life omg ahcivement how i do it???? wtf when i get uber tubr ?N??? dlc dlc lololo OMG I WANT THIS WEPAON NOW wtf wheres my eevent guys guys this is the awesomest thign ever haha check it out No seriously, I've never seen a forum discussing more...
  10. Splatpope

    re: redneck update

    re: redneck update thanks for killing the last bit of britishness that was left in Killing Floor, much appreciated
  11. Splatpope

    Need your ears to confirm a bad feeling.

    Follow those simple steps : -Open this link in your browser : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/603900 It is a simple horror themed pixelly flash game. -Get past the main menu and start the game. -Get the key in the pot. -Open the counter on the right side of the room with the key...
  12. Splatpope

    Parenting on specimens

    Is it possible to parent a model on a specimen, in a way that you can choose it's starting position, rotation and scale, but then have it follow the specimen's model when spawned ? (hint hint bullet holes on specimen bodies hint hint)
  13. Splatpope

    Dignity For The Dead - The logics behind it ?

    I cannot for the life of me find where the achievement is handled. I have searched in the Steam stats manager file, only found a function that increments the counter. I have searched in KFMonsterController, only found a CorpseFeeding state with no call to the incrementer, but which calls a...
  14. Splatpope

    How NOT to Survive Hellride

    omg haha so funi xDxDxDxdxD And that belongs to general section, nonetheless
  15. Splatpope

    HSG-1 needed modifications

    -Remove the ridiculous robotic-ish charge sound made on reload. Seriously. -Change the name to something else than HSG. This really just confuses people in regards to the Hunting Shotgun's name. I perfectly know this was done to avoid problems with Kel-Tec, but really there are other names...
  16. Splatpope

    You know you've played too much KF when...

    (i searched for such a thread, no clues from mr search engine, SO DONT HIT ME :'( ) ...you are trying to weld wooden doors, then get scolded by the firemen extinguishing your house. ...you start to panic everytime your neighbor starts up his chainsaw to cut down his trees. ...you don't eat...