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  1. Jorg Biermann1

    Using the Maxim while Prone

    When I think of the Maxim. I think of it being deployed on the floor with the Russian laying down behind it. In game I have only ever seen it set up on windows or sandbags. I'm just wondering can a mapper actually deploy it on ground? If not. Why not make it so.
  2. Jorg Biermann1

    [Image] Stalingrad Photographs

    Stalingrad Photographs I've seen a lot of threads on this forum sharing photos of Stalingrad but most of these threads just show pictures of place's in maps of Red Orchestra 2. This thread is going to be a collection of all Stalingrad Photos I can get my hands on. This post will be updated...
  3. Jorg Biermann1

    Is it me or are the Texture sizes way too big?

    Ok so I'm in the RO2 SDK and looking at all the different textures in RO2 and I'm amazed at how big they are. They seem way over the top. Example: RDG-2 Smoke Grenade is 2048 x 2048 pixels which is 2.67 MB. That is not including the specular and Heightmap textures that are both 2048 x 2048...
  4. Jorg Biermann1

    Where can I find the Texture files for Uniforms?

    Hey. Just wondering where I can get the texture files for the German uniforms in RO2. I want to edit them to make some Pionier skins with Black Shoulder Piping for my unit.
  5. Jorg Biermann1

    "In B4 Reset" Medal

    So I just heard the news. So, let's say this is going to be medal on your player like the General Assault Badge for Beta Players. What medal do you think they should make it? I'm thinking the Wound Badge in Black because the reset is like we are getting healed :D I don't know if the...
  6. Jorg Biermann1

    Suggestion: Squad Skin's

    I would of put this in the Ideas and Suggestions but I thought it would be better here because it's about the Editor. In the Squad Loadouts I think you should be able to select what skin the squad uses. "Why?" You ask? Well this is why. In the future there will be a lot of custom maps with...
  7. Jorg Biermann1

    Picking up Grenades & Grenade Count

    Does anyone else think it's weird that Two Grenades but at the bottom corner it says x1? Also when picking up grenades you pick up two from just picking up one grenade. I think it was better in RO Ostfront when there were two grenades on the floor and you had to pick them both up and it also...
  8. Jorg Biermann1

    Ro2 Logos and other stuff

    Can maybe TWI release a Photoshop file of some of the logos used in Red Orchestra 2 to make it easier for people to make stuff with them. This is mainly for people who could make a mod logo with it or something.
  9. Jorg Biermann1

    Project Barrikady

    Introduction Project Barrikady is a mapping project that aims to recreate the fighting in the Barrikady Gun Factory inside of Stalingrad. The Barrikady is just one of the major Factories of Stalingrad. We plan on making each map as Historically correct as possible. With a lot of photos and maps...
  10. Jorg Biermann1

    Red Orchestra 2: Ostfront '41 - '45

    Red Orchestra 2: Ostfront '41 - '45 is mod to make Red Orchestra 2's gameplay more like Red Orchestra Ostfront. Ostfront's gameplay was a lot more slow than Red Orchestra 2's. It is going to be quite hard and will take some time to get this mod going but I am willing to spend a lot of my time to...
  11. Jorg Biermann1

    Mods Vs Custom Content

    Hey People! So I'm happy to see all the new mods being announced for RO2. Some of the previews of models and such are very nice. So I'm making this thread to basiclly share my feelings about mods and custom content. So the mods out there that are placed in WW2 and could easily fit in RO2 are...
  12. Jorg Biermann1

    Any plans for Italians, Hungarians or Romanians?

    Just wondering if there's any plans by Tripwire to add the Italians, Hungarians or Romanians on some maps just outside of Stalingrad. Also if there's no plans by Tripwire. Are there any plans from modders?
  13. Jorg Biermann1


    Yes another thread from a "Nazi Fanboi" who is asking about symbols.. After the release of the game I noticed some horrible things... Symbols on the Campaign Cutscenes. The symbols are so wrong. First I saw a first with an armband with an Iron Cross in it. Yes I understand why it can't have a...
  14. Jorg Biermann1

    All Weapon Unlocks

    I just noticed that the weapon unlocks were added in the profile last update so I thought people might like to see them. Talk about the unlocks you like and dislike!
  15. Jorg Biermann1

    MG34 Belt Fed or Saddle Drum?

    Ok so I've been wondering about this for a long time now. I tried to level up my MG34 in time in the beta to check for myself but it looks like I'm not going to get my MG34 to level 25 in time, so I'm going to ask. Does the MG34 get a Belt Fed or Saddle Drum? For the love of god I hope it's...
  16. Jorg Biermann1

    Where's the Telogreika Uniforms?

    So yeh, like the thread title says.. Wheres the Telogreika Uniforms? I saw them in a old RO2 screenshot and now I've played every map I haven't seen them yet. The Commisar is wearing it.
  17. Jorg Biermann1

    Russian Recon Plane makes Mosquito Sound

    Ok, whenever the Russian Recon plane flies near me I hear a slight Mosquito noise which is hurting my ears. It's like the video below. Anyone else notice this? Mosquito Sound |CAUTION!| (may cause sickness, pets to freak, ears hurting, etc..) - YouTube
  18. Jorg Biermann1

    Why is Pavlovs House an Attack/Attack Map??

    Ok when the Beta first came out I was surprised to see that Fallen Fighters was an Attack/Attack map, but after a while it kinda made sense but... Pavlovs House should NOT be an attack/attack map!! I am just confuzzled when I'm Russian holding Pavlovs House and the time runs out and it says...
  19. Jorg Biermann1

    Celebrity Soldiers

    Just looked at two faces in RO2 and they reminded me of people so I thought, I'd make a thread. Post your ones too :D First one. Second One