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  1. Ic0n0clast

    FPS Issues... Again

    Does anyone else have FPS issues with the game? the only time I don't have it is when I play solo and sometimes 3-4 players. 6 players matches is when the FPS drops noticeably and results in unwarranted deaths to the team or myself. I have an 1X and also run the game off a SSD which runs games...
  2. Ic0n0clast

    Hell on Earth Rewards/Leaderboard

    Running Hell on Earth should yield higher rewards/exclusive cosmetics for completion, especially long waves. It has to be Specific maps or maybe if you complete all maps on long wave would grant a crate. Some people would just try to abuse this via Nuked or Spillway. Perhaps a leaderboard for...
  3. Ic0n0clast

    Dying Randomly

    I have died several times on different maps, mostly on The Descent, to nothing. Walk up to the trader and die. Most recently, I killed Patty on Nightmare Suicidal and then died randomly. I gave up on life.
  4. Ic0n0clast

    FPS Issues

    Anyone else notice a decrease in FPS after the recent update. It is most noticeable on Spillway.
  5. Ic0n0clast

    How to beat Killing Floor 2