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    Let HRG Incision shoot without auto-aim

    This. It makes the gun feel totally unrewarding to play with. At the very least, they could make the lock-on take quite a bit longer to lock on and lower the range your aim has to be within to lock on (although having the yellow attempted lock-on can be distracting). I just hate not knowing...
  2. M

    Allow the riot shield to be used with any SMG, not just the machine pistol

    So in previous threads mentioning the riot shield, I've posted this as an idea of how to make it work with a lot of positive feedback in response. This time I thought I'd actually make an individual thread with the idea, since Tripwire has announced the G18c (machine pistol) and riot shield with...
  3. M

    Allow weapon skins for HRG weapons from the base weapon

    When you could use nailgun skins for the HRG nailgun or magnum skins for the HRG shotguns, I LOVED it. I thought it only made sense, since it would be kind of crazy to limit the skins for those weapons to only what Tripwire and skin creators would want to produce individually for them. It would...
  4. M

    Server delay when starting a game/booting me from my own server within a few waves

    Yep, started happening after the hotfix. I'm on Windows. Do you have the same issues joining and starting a game/losing connection during a game on your own server? Oddly, the servers seem to work fine for everyone else as far as I can tell. Or at least I'll see a lot of traffic throughout the day.
  5. M

    Server delay when starting a game/booting me from my own server within a few waves

    I'm not sure what's going on here, but whenever I join my server and start a game, it takes a LONG time before the game starts. When I click ready, it counts down for 3 seconds, then takes another half a minute+ to start the game. Then, it'll boot me out within a wave or two. Also, I've joined a...
  6. M

    (Beta 2) Abomination spawn death near Abomination doesn't cause stumble consistently.

    Found out he doesn't stumble when he blocks his face with his axes. Again, I hope this is a bug. RNG should not determine whether or not you can keep your distance from him when he has a move that is completely unavoidable close range that does 50+ damage (usually 65+, as you usually get hit...
  7. M

    Abomination was buffed the wrong way and is OP

    I'd love to see a video of anyone fighting Abomination on HoE solo without getting hit with Gorge as any perk without movement speed bonuses (without a boomstick/doomstick, obviously). During Beta 1, it seemed totally avoidable. Now, it's inevitable. You're going to get hit with an attack that...
  8. M

    Abomination was buffed the wrong way and is OP

    Yeah, Abomination in Beta 2 is absolutely ridiculous now (unless there is some strategy I'm missing after spending a couple hours testing him out). You can stumble him by killing abomination spawns near him, but it's now very inconsistent/is on a cooldown or something. (didn't seem to be in...
  9. M

    (Beta 2) Abomination spawn death near Abomination doesn't cause stumble consistently.

    It seems the stumble triggered by killing an abomination spawn by Abomination isn't working consistently in Beta 2... I hope this is a bug, because otherwise how are you to possibly maintain distance from Abomination as a perk without movement speed bonuses? When are you supposed to actually...
  10. M

    Are ticket bundles going to include tickets from past seasonal events?

    As the title states. Are the ticket bundles up for sale this next update going to include ticket bundles from past seasonal events or just the current seasonal event (Halloween)? I kind of need to know (No seriously, I really do need to know and not in a "I just really want to know" kind of way...
  11. M

    Map files won't download when the redirect and workshop have files of the same name

    As the title states. Every other map works fine (at least the ones on the workshop that are not also on the redirect or have the same name as maps on the redirect). But when there are maps that have the same name in the redirect as the workshop, it won't download either version and instead lose...
  12. M

    Camera is stuck after killing a boss on Survival (w/ cheats/certain custom maps)

    This has been a problem for about a year (maybe longer? Soon or some months after Endless Mode was released), but if you kill a boss on Survival at any time before the end of a game, the camera freezes on the boss. Which has rendered a few custom maps obsolete on Survival and is kind of annoying...
  13. M

    After leaving a solo Endless game on Hard+, difficulty resets to Normal every time.

    Not sure how to word this exactly, but for example when you play a solo game on HoE Endless, then leave the game, it resets the difficulty to Normal so you have to manually change the difficulty back to HoE. It's not a major issue. But it saves the difficulty that you last selected for Survival...
  14. M

    Maps w/ obj. mode in workshop don't show in map cycle w/ server set to Objective Mode

    As the title states. If a map on the workshop has an objective mode, the only 3 maps that show up on the map cycle when the server is set to Objective Mode is Steam Fortress, Outpost and Zedlanding. You can manually switch to the maps on objective mode via the WebAdmin and they work fine. But...
  15. M

    Can't get Objective Mode maps from workshop to show up in map cycle on Objective Mode

    Pretty much as the title states. When I put my server on Objective Mode, only 3 maps show up in the map cycle (Outpost, SteamFortress, Zedlanding), despite all the maps on the Workshop that have objective modes (BurningParis_BRush, Evacuation Point_BRush, TF2 Harvest, OBJ_IceArena, etc..). I...
  16. M

    Beta 1 Spawn Human Pawn doesn't increase zed health & no headshot fx w/ Seal Squeal

    Beta 1 Spawn Human Pawn doesn't increase zed health & no headshot fx w/ Seal Squeal Pretty much as the topic states. Enable cheats + spawn human pawn no longer increases the health of zeds like it should. Also, human pawns don't spawn. (Although I hope the latter is intentional. That would be a...
  17. M

    Any way to change the default map (when people vote for a broken map)?

    Basically as the title says. I want to change it so when people vote on a broken map, or in my case, the map categories (example: ______Map Of The Week______, _____KF1 Maps_____, etc..., which are only in the map cycle, not to be downloaded as an actual map), instead of it going to Bioticslab...