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    RO Real SU 152, 122, 85, 85M and 100 for RO1

    Here's a taste of the SU's: The SU 152 is based on the KV1 and was built on the chassis of which. The SU 122/85/85M/100 based on the T34/85. SU 152: From left to right: SU 152 and the ISU 152 SU 122: SU 85: SU 85M: and the SU 100: The texturing is still Alpha. Best...
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    RO Real ISU 122, ISU 122S and ISU 152 for RO1

    I want you introduce now the new ISU122 and ISU122S in Version BETA04: When I discovered the ISU 122 for Darkest Hour, I said to myself: "that we must also have". The problem with this was that the ISU 122 is not used for DH. At least I have since found no ready to use. The ISU 122 at DH...
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    RO Need Help from the ISU 152 Coders for the SU 152

    Hi Forum, I have made a rebuild from the ISU 122 from DarkestHour for RO1. The rebuild based on the ISU 152 (Textures, StaticMeshes and Animations), IS2 Code files and a new 3D Model from the ISU 122 and 122S. So we have 2 new Tanks in RO1: The ISU 122 and 122S. Screenshots you can see here...