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  1. J


    Hello folks. I'm not much of a simmer, but enjoyed the original RO offline tank maps. I had problems finishing some of the training modes in RO2, which seemed to be bugged, or I was just doing something wrong. Anyway I would just like some mindless fun using tanks offline. How are things...
  2. J

    Tank Maps

    I usually only played RO offline for a little Tank vs Tank action. Are there, or are there any Tank maps planned similiar to what we had in the original RO.
  3. J

    Tanks off-line?

    I didn't play RO that much but would enjoy using tanks off-line. Off-line in the original series you could choose any weapon, but I don't see that option in this series, unless I'm missing something. Is it possible or will it be possible to assign yourself to tanks off-line in the future?
  4. J

    Can't advance in Single Player

    In the training mission I get as far as the stand alone machinegun, take the trucks out, back out and advance to the glowing box, but not sure what to do next.
  5. J

    Manual or Control list

    What is the location of the Manual and is there a list of the Control inputs?
  6. J

    Bots off line

    Is there any way to stop the Bots from entering your tank while practicing off-line. I enjoy playing this game off-line once and awhile but those bots are driving me crazy. :mad: