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  1. Patu.Kuovi

    VNTE-Ia Drang Valley (not yet released)

    Oh crap, would really have liked to try out that map. Backup, backup, backup!
  2. Patu.Kuovi

    VOIP interesting problem

    I have no idea what causes that and how to properly fix it. But can't you just disable the HDMI audio device from Windows?
  3. Patu.Kuovi

    Volume Issues?

    I do not have this problem nor have I heard any of my friends having problems with the volume.
  4. Patu.Kuovi


    What game is that?
  5. Patu.Kuovi

    Video Game Suggestion - Complete and Realistic WW1, WW2 and Cold War Games.

    TL;DR. I think they should do Red Orchestra 3 - an RO1 remake with modern engine, large maps & combined arms. The cold war game is already coming. :cool:
  6. Patu.Kuovi

    I would go straight to top

    What game would that be?
  7. Patu.Kuovi


    I strongly disagree. The time & effort should be focused on creating PvP content.
  8. Patu.Kuovi

    U.S. ARMY wearing ERDL.

    What bug might that be?
  9. Patu.Kuovi

    Low damage and useless weapon

    You may need to find out what a claymore really is and how it works. If it would work in 360 degrees, you could not use it to cover your flanks/rear like you can now. When you want to place it near a wall: stand facing the wall, look at your feet and turn 180 degrees. Tada!
  10. Patu.Kuovi

    Add a few key features

    You are suggesting that they add destroyable environment into a game that has baked lighting & is not developed anymore?
  11. Patu.Kuovi

    Low damage and useless weapon

    Yes it does. We have extensively tested it and it does kill you to about 30m (cannot remember the exact figure) at something like 30-45° arc.
  12. Patu.Kuovi

    Low damage and useless weapon

    You do realize you are standing on the "safe" side of the claymore, right? Step on the enemy side of it and it kills you ~30 meters away.
  13. Patu.Kuovi

    Eternal bugs..

    When was the fix launched? Because reloading while prone still makes this happen damn often.
  14. Patu.Kuovi

    Snipers can't play well

    Wow, that'll take a lot of work as those objects are everywhere... I'll try to capture some & post them.
  15. Patu.Kuovi

    Snipers can't play well

    Can confirm, happens on NVidia cards, haven't been able to try on AMD. Very easy to notice on Hue City but I think it happens on every map.
  16. Patu.Kuovi

    The 255 problem

    This happens if somebody votes an area and then leaves the server. The counter goes around from 0 to 255. And yes, this is quite annoying and should be easy to fix.
  17. Patu.Kuovi

    Some issues I noticed after the 1.3 patch

    Just some notes I made yesterday after the first time playing the 1.3 patch. The game spams the tip to "Press T for tactical view" even when I have all tips disabled in the settings. When playing as a radioman and trying to respawn: It always takes a second for the option to spawn to commander...
  18. Patu.Kuovi

    Empty "Yes / No" votes as a Squad Leader

    Yoshiro, I've seen this happen multiple times, today we tried the following: Map: TE-SongBe, Campaign. My friend was the Commander on the South team (US Army if I remember correctly) and gave the "Mark new coordinates" order. - When I was a basic member of a squad on the North team, nothing...
  19. Patu.Kuovi

    Empty "Yes / No" votes as a Squad Leader

    This thing has been pissing me off for some time now and only yesterday I found out what causes it. When you play as a squad leader, you sometimes get these questions "F1 - YES; F2 - NO" and nothing more. You have no idea what you are voting for or replying to. I found out that they are caused...