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Search results

  1. BombasticMime

    New Medal or Badge

    How about some medal of recognition for those of us that have leveled 5 in all our perk classes? Just some bling to show everyone that you are a master zed hunter and can be relied upon when TSHTF.
  2. BombasticMime

    Can't see other player avatar pics in player lists

    I Can't see other player avatar pics in player lists. Any ideas why and how to fix?
  3. BombasticMime

    New event idea

    I have an idea for new event that could occur at a time between current holiday/season periods. How about having zeds resemble celebrities, historical figures or better yet, the developers & of KF2? This is plausible since Horzine could have cloned anyone as long as they could have obtained...
  4. BombasticMime

    Killing Floor open world

    I love the game as it currently exists, but would like the game possibly venture into a substantial new direction. i wonder, would it be possible to make KF an open world type of experience? Maybe like L4D or some of the other zombie coop games? We've pretty much tried everything else up to...
  5. BombasticMime

    Tripwire swag

    I an interested in getting some Tripwire t-shirts and swag but it's a bit on the pricey side (and besides I could do a better job:cool:). What are the copyright rules for making your own Tripwire stuff? For example, can I make my own t-shirts/hats as long it is made for my own use and don't sell...