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  1. u-s-e-r

    3d audio? (openAL)

    So I'm wondering whether we will get support for 3D audio in the game at all? I just dont feel like playing maps with buildings that have a lot of floors when you can never know where the sounds around you are coming from... Actually it feels stupid to play any map with buildings that have 2...
  2. u-s-e-r

    RO:Ladder is shutting down!

    "So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish". ROLadder closes its doors. A statement is available at http://roladder.net/ So, ROLadder is gone.
  3. u-s-e-r

    Server browser doesnt work after leaving a server

    Catagory: Code The game's server browser stops working after you leave a server. It only works while on the server. It also stops working while in a game as well if you have the server browser open when the server changes a map.
  4. u-s-e-r

    Motion blur on in ROEngine.ini although it is set off in game options

    So its as simple as that I had motion blur unchecked in the in-game graphics options, but in the ROEngine.ini file motion blur was set to True
  5. u-s-e-r

    Invisible blocking objects in Barracks

    Catagory: Code, level design There are a couple of objects here that are invisible but block you from walking there, they seem to be loose objects with physics since bumping into them lets out the sound of an object hitting the wall and floor. The small sideboard you can see in the pics is in...
  6. u-s-e-r

    Seeing player shadows through walls and floor

    Catagory: Code, level design In many of the maps there are quite a few places where you can see the shadows of players in another floor above you or in another room. This is obviously a problem since you practically see through walls and floors. Here in the screenshots is one problematic place...
  7. u-s-e-r

    You can see through objects in the gameworld on lowest graphical settings

    Catagory: Code, 3d art, level design, environmental art On lowest graphics settings, you can see through various objects in the gameworld Screenshots showing an example of those objects
  8. u-s-e-r

    Machine gun bullets dont penetrate the radiators

    Catagory: Code, 3d art, level design, environmental art The radiators below windows on the maps seem to be inpenetrable by machine gun bullets. Noticed this when trying to shoot a guy below a window with a machine gun. Screenshot shows the one I tried to shoot through
  9. u-s-e-r

    Invisible wall on map Barracks

    Catagory: level design There's this invisible wall on the map Barracks, between those two big metal things, dunno what theyre called Pics show it and the location
  10. u-s-e-r

    [Crash] Game crash due to the game accessing my IDE optical drive

    I have got quite a few crashes recently that occur because the game for some reason decides to access my IDE optical drive, I have no idea why but there cant be any other reason.:confused: And it happens every time it accesses my IDE optical drive, no crashes otherwise, I have no idea why the...
  11. u-s-e-r

    [Error] Bright green insulators on utility poles

    Catagory: 3d art, level design, environmental art When playing on the map Apartments, Firefight, I noticed that the insulators on the utility poles are bright green, which probably shouldnt be the case. Attached images of it.
  12. u-s-e-r

    Streamlining the interface

    There doesnt seem to be a dedicated thread to this matter although these points have been stated separately many times so I thought it could be good to collect them all into one thread. So here's a few things to begin with: When typing into the chat, pressing ESC should close the chat. In...
  13. u-s-e-r

    Cannot turn anti-aliasing off

    There is no option in the video settings to turn anti-aliasing off, as simple as that.
  14. u-s-e-r

    Changing amount of sound channels wont stick

    When I change the amount of sound channels in sound options from 32 to 128, the option wont stick, i.e. when I leave the settings and go back it is reset to 32. Also I dont see an option to enable hardware acceleration etc. I have a X-Fi card which is top-range and supports everything this...
  15. u-s-e-r

    Custom keybinds

    It would be great to be able to customize your keys in the game, so that you could e.g. play with only a mouse! :)
  16. u-s-e-r

    Button to mute sound while the game is in background

    Please add a button to mute the games sound while it is in the background alt-tabbed away.:)