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    Let HRG Incision shoot without auto-aim

    Auto-aim is just so annoying. It makes gun unplayable.
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    TWi doesn't understand the HoE difficulty

    Game designer said that now majority of players fail at completing HoE game and thus they will not increase the difficulty. BUT THAT WHAT IT SHOULD BE. Highest difficulty should always have low success rate, because most players are casual players (nothing bad about it). The concept of highest...
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    How M99 can have higher damage than Rail gun? It has no logic.

    Tripwire, are you telling us that 20-year old rifle chambered with 100-year old cartridge is more efficient than fictional futuristic Railgun that accelerates projectiles to ultra-high speeds and can penetrate tanks like butter? Then why Horzine developed it in a first place? They would just...
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    5 Tier weapon system instead of damage upgrades

    Just rework Tier system to 5 Tiers. So Railgun and RPG would be Tier 5, new Barrett M99 and M32 Tier 4, etc. Adding numbers to damage looks cheap. All guns were (almost) perfectly balanced and had it's role. You might ruin all with this. Guns customization in terms of choosing scopes, lasers and...
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    Steyr AUG instead of FN FAL

    TWi just added FN FAL to their poll about new guns. That means scoped assault rifle is coming to Commando. Steyr AUG is such a beautiful and unique gun (with original scope, ACOG ruins it's slick look). It's just wrong that it's not in KF2. It even has default scope from the factory (FN FAL...
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    Scopes wobble around

    https://i.imgur.com/YXp6Tix.jpg It has been since release. Any scoped weapon wobble like jelly. The faster you move mouse, the farher black portion will get.
  7. P

    Alienware helmet eyes broke

    Eyes almost always blue in all variations, while they should be black, white, etc.
  8. P

    Is there any solo Faked Players mutator for Weekly Outbreak?

    I wanted to do 6 player solo this weekly event, and couldn't make any mutator to work. Do guys know any mutator/mod that would allow to do this?
  9. P

    Summer Sideshow items gallery?

    Is there any way to see all Summer Sideshow items?
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    Is there any working solo Faked Players mutator?

    I wanted to do 6 player solo this weekly event, and could make any mutator to work. Do guys know any working mutator/mod to do this?
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    Fix Ticket drops

    Poster says collect them all (Summer Sideshow items). Many people (incuding myself) would want to really collect them all (one of each type) (or at least the ones I like), since they are time limited. So during Sideshow there's a ticket drop every 4 hours. Meaning people that should sleep can...
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    Stoner 63A continuous fire FPS drop

    I normally play 120 fps, but when I continuously fire new LMG fps drops to 30 and even lower. And when you stop firing it returns to 120 instantly. Also I noticed that empty shells on the ground are visible through walls. Maybe it's connected and has something to do with amount of empty shells...
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    Trader time framerate drop / 99% GPU load

    I play 120 fps. Beetwen waves and about 1 minute of wave there is framedrop to 60-90 fps and 99% GPU load (normal load about 60-75%). So I turned off Flex and it's constant 120fps about 60% Load. Strange because it's during trader time, and not because of intense gameplay. It began even before...