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  1. SturmSS

    Give the squad leader more incentives

    Hi guys, I hope these suggestions haven't been already mentioned and I'm not repeating anything... but I think what would make the squad leader role more rewarding would be making such additions as a "kill assist" towards artillery kills - providing that the commander has used your marker. The...
  2. SturmSS

    An addition to suppression!

    I think that the way suppression is added in the game is rather well done. In moments like heavy artillery hitting you straight from above I definately try to find a roof over my head. I like how that when your allies around you (especially squad leaders/commanders) die that you get suppressed...
  3. SturmSS

    Automatic bold action reload?

    I don't know whether its just me or the wrong servers I'm joining - but one of the things that did disappoint me about RO2 was the automatic reload of the bolt after firing. Initially when I found out that you had to manually reload the bolt by clicking Mouse 1 again in RO1 I was quite...
  4. SturmSS

    RO:HoS Music/Soundtrack

    Something which hasnt been covered (atleast to my knowledge) or a thread I haven't seen yet - is about the music of the next RO. I know this is probably on the bottom of the list of priorities when the majority of suggestions are surrounding aesthetic and gameplay - but I think that music (and...
  5. SturmSS

    Realistic Supply/Ammunition?

    I know that similar topics have been covered and this may/may not have been brought up - but I was thinking, given that this game is making an emphasis around the Stalingrad campaign that it would be good to employ a system where there at times is an imbalance in the amount of ammunition and...
  6. SturmSS

    Just a couple of suggestions and appraisals

    Hello! I havent posted here much and been lurking in the shadows - if you will. I'm excited for the new Red Orchestra as I've had the previous since it came out and absolutely fell in love with its attention to realism and what I would see as a rather revolutionary style. I appologize...
  7. SturmSS

    Error after new update

    After I downloaded the lastest update for Red Orchestra, August 29 update I continually get this same error as I run the program I'm not sure what I have to do. Could anyone help? Thanks in advance.