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    RO2 FindNavMeshPath causing Server Crashes

    DevBalanceStats: BALANCE STATS: Match Start on: TE-Arad2_MCP | 50 max players | 2 players playing Teams Swapped= False [511538.78] Log: USkeletalMeshComponent::UpdateTransform for ROVehicle_T70_Content_2: BaseBoneName (Root_driver) not found for attached Actor ROAlliedPawnLevel1TankCommander_2...
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    In Game Name with _2

    What is up with my name now having an _2 at the end whenever it decides to give it to me. Does this _2 represent something???
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    Bridges of Druzhina E Cap Zone

    The E cap zone you don't know if you are in the zone or not. The cap zone indicator does not come up to display the fact that you are in the zone. So you could be right on the edge of it by looking at the map or think you are in the zone, but you have no idea if you are in the zone or not...
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    [BE]-Team Mappack release Beta 2

    Come test and try out some of the old combined arms classics on CLOWNS and other custom servers. Barashka Winter, BlackDayJuly, Orel, Werchne Kumski These 4 released this morning. Also on the customs servers many of the other great customs. Come and enjoy and fill up those customs...
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    Game Freezes.

    System Specs: OS: Windows 8.1 update 1 x64 Mobo: Asus Crosshair Formula IV RAM: 16 Gig CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.7 GHZ. Sound: Onboard Video: Nvidia GTX 780 While playing RO, RO2, RS - seems any Unreal Engine games - while playing out of nowhere the game freezes for a split second about...
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    GS Game Server Servers and New Content

    Anyone have a Game Server (Server)? Is the way they are doing their redirect still the same or has it now changed? They always made you take the redirect files and rename the redirect file .roe to .upk Now that supposedly the same server file is also the same redirect file does this mean...
  7. 7

    Welcome Screen (Message of the Day) Gone???

    I've just noticed the last time I played and I swore this was fine a week or more ago and when I joined other servers the Message of the Day that is to be Displayed on the Welcome screen is now BLANK. Also upon entering the game the initial Window that also pops up is also BLANK just looks...
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    Clowns (ro2, rs, customs) heroes server

    Finally got it all going. Classic Server. Here you go, all the working Custom Maps along with RO2 and RS maps on one single server. Start out by playing a Stock map such as Pavlov's House, then after that round vote for an old Classic Custom like Kaukasus or Odessa as a German or Russian...
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    Ui_fonts error

    It appears everything got added to our server ok - I can see the maps and pick RSTerritories or even RO2 maps but every time I try joining my server no matter what map is loaded or put into place I get Unable to load package UI_FONTS. Please help.
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    Latest Working Custom Content

    Come join the CLOWNS HERORES SERVER as with other servers to enjoy the newest working Custom Content and Quick Redirect. Currently the server is running in Classic Mode. Fill it up and see how they run and report back to the map makers of any suggestions or issues here in the forums...
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    Download Package "Props_Static_Mats" failed error opening file

    Does anyone know what causes this error and how is it fixed? I've put a few Custom Maps up on our server and every once in a while this error just starts popping up and no matter how many times I download and re-upload newer or updated files the same error appears. Currently this is...
  12. 7

    BF3 vs RO2

    Now I've read Ramm's post for State of the game (The latest one). I'm the kind of game player who pretty much buys any and all good or thought to be good FPS. Now I've done this same purchasing model for about 20 years now. I've seen games come and go and let me just say RO1 was not pretty...
  13. 7

    [Question] Welcome Screen

    For some odd reason our Welcome Screen just stopped working. I finally after some time was able to get the picture displayed again but now none of the text I put into any sections of the Welcome Screen in the WebAdmin will show up no matter what I try or do? Does anyone know how to set this up...
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    60+ FPS for Similar Hardware

    60+ Frames a second solid: NVIDIA ONLY some settings probably exist for ATI As well Hardware: Asus Crossfire IV Formula AMD Phenom II 1090T (6 Core) 16 Gig RAM Corsair 1600 (800 MHZ) Nvidia Geforce 480GTX (285.27 Beta Driver) Check in game Video Graphics Quality to HIGH, PhysX enabled if...
  15. 7


    Well this is actually toward Tripwire since they are the ones that have to put up with success or failure. As the title states - Is this game ready for a full blown release tomorrow? I know of the many complaints and issues that keep happening to some. Some complain of low FPS. I think we...
  16. 7


    I have two favorites in my favorites section and what is funny is if you highlight one it shows you who is in game but if you double click on it or pick join you end up joining the other server of the two. So you purposely have to choose the wrong server to get the right server you want to...
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    Menu's and Pop ups

    When in game and trying to select a menu it pops up the help or what the button can do but this happens repeatedly and sometimes it takes several clicks just to click a button in game. Example if you move your mouse over the continue button the pop up comes up also and it keeps blinking...
  18. 7


    I'm assuming Bots are not enabled??? I try adding a server full of bots and it allows me but once the game starts you can immediately see all the bots leave. So I'm also assuming that since it's beta and you should have people instead of bots that they are not functional yet?
  19. 7

    Tank sounds

    On the new maps when driving a tank it's completely silent except when you first start moving you can hear the engine. It's almost as if the tanks are just gliding along but totally silent - no track sounds or contact sounds (Nothing). I can hear other tanks easily around me but if I'm...
  20. 7

    Seeing through textures on corner of screen

    When close to any object and looking down say a wall you can see through the wall on the side of the screen. This is on all maps and in any location and can be easily replicated. Example: If you place your right shoulder near a wall and then look straight down wall to left. then in the...