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  1. Xienen

    [Game] Break Blocks Dev Blog: Updated Interface Progress

    ‪Break Blocks Dev Blog 7/14‬‏ - YouTube
  2. Xienen

    [Game] Break Blocks Now Available!

    Hello Friends. The day has come! Break Blocks finally has a Playable Demo available! Plus, if you enjoy the game, you can buy an early(and cheap) copy of the game, which will also enable you to help steer the game towards its final version. This is your chance to be part of the development...
  3. Xienen

    I am not a Troll

    This is me, not trolling, kthx!
  4. Xienen

    [Game] Check Out My Game: Break Blocks

    Hey Guys! On the side, when not working on Killing Floor or RO:HoS, I have been developing a game with a few other people. The game is called Break Blocks and if the game's successful enough, we will be starting a company called Greater Good Games. Greater Good Games will be a charitable game...
  5. Xienen

    Current Map White List

    Here's the current Map White List(thanks to Matthias Vance, crystaldragons, and omarfw for finding links to many maps and Bartbear for hosting many of the maps, if available): KF-Bedlam.rom KF-BioticsLab.rom KF-Farm.rom KF-Foundry.rom KF-Menu.rom KF-Manor.rom KF-Offices.rom...
  6. Xienen

    Potential Fixes For Loading Issues

    Before doing anything listed below, try suggestions on the top of this thread. We know that it may not sound relevant to your issue, but it continually seems to fix a variety of issues. Alright guys, it seems that this is mostly an issue with Windows Vista and Windows 7, only 10-20% of the...
  7. Xienen

    Tripwire Open Beta Fixes Color Correction

    Attention Mappers, There is a new Color Correction implementation in the updated Open Beta that was released last night. This was implemented into the Zone Info and Physics Volumes. To use the new system, set bNewKFColorCorrection and adjust the KFOverlayColor. This system was added because...
  8. Xienen

    Open Beta Program for Killing Floor

    We are offering all KF players and server admins the chance to join an Open Beta Program for future changes to the game. The first features to be tested include Surround Sound support for Vista and Universal Plug'n'Play Support for Hosting Servers, as well as a new map white-listing system that...
  9. Xienen

    Current Killing Floor Mutator White List

    Mutators Mutator RandomMap v1.0 MutRandomMap.u Download Link Auto Change Maps v103(ACM) AutoChangeMaps103.u Download Link Server Ads SE ServerAdsSE.u Download Link Server Ads KF(Same as above, but made for KF) ServerAdsKF.u Download Link Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Server Ext v110 LibHTTP4.u...
  10. Xienen

    Current Map White List

    Here's the current Map White List(thanks to Matthias Vance for finding links to many maps and Bartbear for hosting many of the maps, if available): KF-Bedlam.rom KF-BioticsLab.rom KF-Farm.rom KF-Foundry.rom KF-Menu.rom KF-Manor.rom KF-Offices.rom KF-WestLondon.rom KF-Wyre.rom KFintro.rom...
  11. Xienen

    Getting Your Map on the White List

    Before submitting a map, please make sure it's not already on this list or your request will be deleted. Please only reply to this thread to request that your map(that you made) get put onto the White List. Please use the following format for your request: Name: (The name of the map, such as...
  12. Xienen

    Killing Floor Needs Your Help

    Hey Guys, We've heard reports of players not getting their weapons when they spawn and they have a Level 5 Perk selected. We can not get this to happen in our local tests, so can you guys help us figure out how to get this to happen 100%? We heard it had to do with changing your Perk in the...
  13. Xienen

    Windows and Linux Dedicated Server Info

    Soon there will be a small, unrequired, update for Windows Dedicated Servers. The update simply fixes Music playing for clients while they are playing on your server, which we would love for you guys to grab, as the music greatly improves the atmosphere. Please give us a bit for the update to...
  14. Xienen

    Running Mare Nostrum After Update

    We've been informed that since the update, Mare Nostrum players have not been able to connect to any servers other than the TWB MN server. Included in the update is a new file in the system directory called steam_appid.txt which must be altered to run Mare Nostrum on your server. The file...
  15. Xienen

    Running RO Steam Achievements On Your Server

    Basic Info For Server Admins So, the latest update for RO has incorporated Steam Achievements. This could bring a slew of people back to RO, but there is a bit of information about the new system that RO Server Admins need to be aware of. Basically, the new RO Steam Achievements system attempts...
  16. Xienen

    Creating Mutator List

    Hey Guys, We're currently in the process of adding Steam Stats and Achievements to RO. Unfortunately, we can only allow certain mutators to run along side this new system. So, we want to know which mutators you'd like us to support. Please reply with the specifics of each mutator you'd like...
  17. Xienen

    [Fix] Master Server Query Issues

    We released a patch Friday night at around 10 PM EST that should resolve the Master Server Query/GPF on Exit bug. If you are still having the issue, please try the "deleting the clientregistry.blob" fix to ensure that you have received this latest update via Steam. Please let us know if you...
  18. Xienen

    New Linux Dedicated Server Patch

    Hey Guys, we just got a patch up for the Linux Dedicated Server crash. If you will all run your updater again, the problem should be solved. If you are still experiencing problems after updating, please contact myself or icculus.
  19. Xienen

    New Server/WebAdmin Features in v1.065

    New Server Features: Max Team Difference Setting INI Setting: MaxTeamDifference under ROEngine.ROTeamGame Command Line: MaxTeamDifference WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Rules Values: 1 - 32 Description: This is the maximum allowed difference between teams when players join a server. So, if it is...