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  1. Yoshiro

    Espire Hotfix 1.6 For PC And Quest Platforms

    Attention Espire Agents! We've just pushed a small hotfix for Espire 1: VR Operative on the PC and Quest platforms. This hotfix resolves a user-reported bug where 2 of our 1Espire Trials" were unable to be unlocked after the release of our 1.6 Assimilation Update. The issue is now resolved with...
  2. UncleKaz

    PSVR - Too many Bugs for the title !

    ...the air, if you're in VR operative, you have to play from start again cause if you're following what you have to, you be told to possess the espire 1, but it's the only one in this difficulty, so impossible to possess another, so you have to start over from the start just for that ! Yeah I...
  3. Yoshiro

    Update 1.6 Assimilation Brings New Weapons, Modes, and Challenges

    Notes on PSVR The PSVR build is coming very soon. The PSVR patch notes are included below. For PSVR, our 1.6 “Assimilation” update is our biggest yet as it also includes: 1.4 “AI update” - many AI, Gameplay, UX improvements...
  4. Nick2085

    Adding blood to Oculus Quest version

    I noticed that there isn10t any blood at all in the Oculus Quest version of Espire 1. Is this a bug? The game is really fun so far, love the cheats. :)
  5. Yoshiro

    Update 1.6 Assimilation Brings New Weapons, Modes, and Challenges

    ...New Virtual Challenge - Climbing - VC_Obj_Clm_Gibberosa (6th difficulty) Campaign Improvements Significant Polish Pass of the entire Espire 1 campaign to address logic issues, visual issues and lighting defects throughout the Missions: Mission 1.1 Espire Labs Mission 1.2 Reech Division...
  6. Yoshiro

    Update 1.6 Assimilation Brings New Weapons, Modes, and Challenges

    Highlights of today11s free Espire 1: VR Operative Assimilation content update include: New Operative Weapons Vector SMG: This semi-auto weapon is an excellent choice for mid-range combat, providing for accurate and quick bursts of controlled fire with one bullet firing upon the first trigger...
  7. HNL-ShapeshifteR

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.4.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    ...problems/bugs left, but it is a lot easier to just ignore them and have fun! I hope most of them are going to be ironed out eventually, as Espire 1 is now rapidly becoming one of my favorite PSVR-games! The influence of classics of old Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye 64 are very apparent in...
  8. Kittenmittens

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.4.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    If all goes well, the patch should be out within the hour. See more here https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/espire-1-vr-operative-update-1-3-for-psvr.2335216/
  9. Yoshiro

    Espire 1: VR Operative Update 1.3 for PSVR

    Espire 1: VR Operative PSVR 1.3 Patch This patch brings Espire 1 on PSVR in-line with the 1.3 version of the game on other platforms. Below is a list of improvements and bug fixes that are included in the patch! Feature Improvements Implemented the Cheats menu. You can find the cheats menu in...
  10. HNL-ShapeshifteR

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.4.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    March 7 already. I bought Espire 1 day one for PS4 and am wondering what12s going on?! I shelved the game due to the amount of bugs and poor optimisation. We were promised a patch asap after christmas and are still plagued with a broken build. Is the update coming at all? Us customers of the PSVR...
  11. Nightfall_Gears

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.4.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    Hiya, Just wanted to come see if there would be anymore content on Espire 1. I love the game. I just want to know if more mission will come out. Thanks!
  12. MichaelWBell_DigitalLode

    Hold-Up 03 challenge has impossible Combined score target

    @DickDastardly @chaoswhistler I13ve also sent you guys PMs here on the forums regarding future testing of Espire.
  13. Kittenmittens

    Espire 1 : VR Operative 1.5 HOTFIX For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    STEAM VERSION Version: 1.5.60 RIFT VERSION ON OCULUS HOME Version: 1.5.62 QUEST VERSION Version: 1.5.58 Espire Version 1.5 Hotfix Attention Espire Agents! We hope you14re enjoying our recently released version 1.5 content update. We15ve pushed a quick hotfix for the current v1.5 version of...
  14. Yoshiro

    Espire Joins the Steam And Oculus Lunar Sales - 15% Off!

    Steam Store Oculus Store If you haven16t yet checked out Espire 1 VR: Operative, there is no better time than now! Recently updated to build 1.4 which has brought many community requested features and fixes, the team is hard at work getting ready for update 1.5 in the coming days. The work in...
  15. Yoshiro

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.4.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    ...1.4.15 RIFT VERSION: Version 1.4.14 QUEST VERSION: Version 1.4.13 Dear Espire Agents! We are very proud to release our 1.4 update for Espire 1: VR Operative! With this release, we17ve focused on improving 3 areas of the game: Enemy A.I, Gameplay/UX and, on Quest, Graphical Updates.These...
  16. D

    Assorted bugs / feature requests

    You guys have done a great job fixing stuff since launch - Espire 1 is easily my favourite Quest game now, thanks for all your hard work :).
  17. Yoshiro

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.3.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    STEAM VERSION: 1.3.37 RIFT VERSION: 1.3.38 QUEST VERSION: 1.3.39 Announcement Attention Espire Agents! We are excited to present our 3rd patch for Espire. With patch 1.3, we18ve addressed some critical issues with the AI, fixed other reported bugs and, on the PC side, added more gameplay...
  18. Yoshiro

    Espire 1: VR Operative Patch 1.2.X For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest

    These are new fixes present in 1.2 for PC Steam and Oculus Rift and Quest Agents which are as follows: STEAM VERSION: 1.2.3 OCULUS RIFT VERSION For OCULUS HOME: 1.2.8 OCULUS QUEST VERSION: 1.2.7 Implemented a setting to change between hold-to-grip and toggle grip. Fixed an issue where players...
  19. D

    Assorted bugs / feature requests

    Except where noted, these were all on the Quest. Code -Unwanted controller models drawn over virtual hands -Controller relative movement bugged until mission 1.2 -Need a prompt to disable all the 19comfort" features at the very start of the game (or default it all to off) -Enemies are sometimes...
  20. Yoshiro

    Espire Update 1 Is Now Available

    Espire Update 1 is starting to roll out on platforms starting now with the Steam and Oculus platforms. This update includes the following: Feature Improvements Redesigned the Comfort Settings UI, such that it is clear how to disable our comfort mode (The Espire Control Theater). Redesigned...