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  1. Lacedaemonius

    Early Access Price Point?

    So if the Early Access version is going to cost a full $30 USD, does that mean there will be a price raise before release or some other incentive to purchase and play the unpolished and unfinished beta?
  2. Lacedaemonius

    Action vs. Tension

    It seems like Killing Floor 2 is largely moving in an action-oriented direction, and away from the very tense, moody, atmospheric style that was present in the first and the mod especially. Personally, I was a huge fan of the survival-horror atmosphere between waves (sometimes even during), and...
  3. Lacedaemonius


    There's a new forum for Killing Floor 2, but still no playable version. What does it mean!?
  4. Lacedaemonius

    Discount stacks

    This has probably been brought up before, but if it hasn't it should be. I purchased RS during the summer sale, when it was 50% off and my discount did not stack, despite my history with OST and RO2. Only now, after the summer sales have ended does the RO2 ownership discount stack. Poor form...
  5. Lacedaemonius

    Map Request

    I want to run KingOfTheHill.rom on my server, but unfortunately whenever someone tries to connect the color filter glitches out and cuts their visibility barely to feet, less still in dark parts of the map. Would any experienced mapper be so kind as to fix or remove the color filter please?
  6. Lacedaemonius

    A distinct lack of ScrN Balance

    which I hope to, at least in some capacity, rectify; to that end I've got a server running ScrN Balance at Vanilla and well-polished custom maps only, SuperZombies, and some custom weapons balanced for ScrN either by Poosh or myself. My motto is "like vanilla, but better". Info...
  7. Lacedaemonius

    How about a nice tourney?

    Since the TWI Ladder seems to be in limbo it seems that it's up to the community to get come good tournaments going. To that end, I'll be hosting a KF tournament for 3-man teams as a time trial on a long game of Suicidal. I'll be using Poosh's ScrN Balance & Gunslinger with all perks...
  8. Lacedaemonius

    Thoughts on DLC Weapons? *Fixed*

    Just a simple straw poll to gauge how the community feels about DLC that has an effect on gameplay, including, but not limited to the recent DLC weapons.
  9. Lacedaemonius

    Portal Event: For or Against?

    Just a simple straw poll to see what the community's general opinion is on the portal event. Please don't vote for or against just because of the achievements.
  10. Lacedaemonius

    Manually Remote Det'd Explosives

    This seems to be posted time and time again, so I thought I would make an alternative proposition that would be easy to code in and as simple as possible, rather than the confusion of having 2 different types of pipes. When using a grenade launcher, if the projectile doesn't explode on impact...
  11. Lacedaemonius

    Balancing firebug

    I was going to post in that thread, but rather than derailing it I thought it would be better to create my own. What hurts about HaTeMe's post is how accurate it is, namely because of the specimens' speed advantage. What use is DoT when the specimens can kill you long before they burn out their...
  12. Lacedaemonius

    Let's play a little game...

    I call it "KF-Roulette", and want to get a game going on the forum. How it works is all participants must go to the map whitelist (http://sykosis.co.uk/kfmwhitelist/) and download the first map they get from the "random map" button. They then must solo it in a long game of either Suicidal or...
  13. Lacedaemonius


    I was trying to find KF-testmap6p for a friend, and saw that the only link had already reached its DL limit. So re-ULing for all. http://www.mediafire.com/?4d7kibgokod930i
  14. Lacedaemonius

    UT04 Taunts?

    I'm thinking simply a mutator that rips the various voice recordings in UT04 and adds them to KF so we can do our best Mr. Crow impressions. I may not be a smart man but I imagine it would not be difficult given that they're both on the same engine. Thoughts?
  15. Lacedaemonius


    It's happened to the best of us: You're rocking Biolabs or Offices or Biohazard on Suicidal or even HoE when suddenly a lone clot and couple of crawlers attack the back door you welded. You warned that lvl 2 commando that no one will votekick to stay away from it but the bastard just wouldn't...
  16. Lacedaemonius

    An actual zombie mod for KF.

    Pretty much. Imho Killing Floor would be the perfect game for a true zombie "sim" (if that's even possible) as a TC mod, or perhaps even retail add-on, expansion pack, w/e. It seems to me that KF would be the baseboard to jump off of for a serious business zombie fps, and if done right (maybe...
  17. Lacedaemonius

    A greater incentive to stay alive

    First off, my apologies if this has been already posted, as I mostly stay on the Killing Floor forum. Anyways, RO is a great game of course, and I've no doubt RO2 will be as well, but there is one major flaw: death. As it stands right now combat is just sprinting to the front lines until you...
  18. Lacedaemonius

    New Demo Wep

    I don't have any strong feelings on the Demon, but if the devs or mod community feel so inclined I think this might be an interesting addition: The GM-94, a pump-action 43mm grenade launcher. The tube magazine holds 4 grenades and it's reloaded round by round (or in this case explosive). Just a...
  19. Lacedaemonius

    Replacing Tunes

    Sadly, a lot of the KF OST seems to get just a little bland and repetitive after several hundred hours of play, so I'm wondering what songs would you all replace from the OST with what? I myself moved the Pat's theme to replace some ambient music and now have "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who in...
  20. Lacedaemonius

    New Specimen: The Berserker's (un)Natural Enemy

    So I was reading Jester's post on how the berserk is supposedly OP, and I realized that (imho) the problem isn't the perk, but the environment in which it's trying to survive. It seems that every class except the berserk has a natural enemy that is specifically designed to play on the class's...