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  1. =[PMC]= breakfast

    KF Where do i find the first Patriarch Voice Sounds ?

    I just searched through the whole editor and only found the event ones, the "base" patriarch sounds are the same as the christmas ones ... can someone help me ?:confused:
  2. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Any Possibility to load old meshes and brushes

    Question in title ... For example grabbe the brushes from original biotics lab and put it into kf2 editor
  3. =[PMC]= breakfast

    TWI Will there be early access ?

    I saw your Dev Diary Video and the release will be next year . :( Is there goin to be early Access for Killing Floor Veterans ?
  4. =[PMC]= breakfast

    KF-Raptures Alpha

    This Project is very old and i never finished it... i still will provide a download link for interested people SCREENS : DL : http://www.file-upload.net/download-8661331/KF-Raptures.rom.html
  5. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Anyone here who wants to help ?

    Anyone who wants to help me finish my huge project ? i think i can't finish it on my own because of lack of skill/time ... anyone who wants to help ? Here are some new Screenshots : http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010010011M13659706351028548...
  6. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Terrain Help

    Whenever i try to add a layer it says : This texture already exists . I'm a lil bit confused :D plz help
  7. =[PMC]= breakfast

    [WIP] KF-Vacant

    Hey guys i hope some of you guys remember my cod4 shipment remake :) atm im working on another remake of the map vacant and this is how it looks until now ! hope you like it :) Screens: Sry for large pics :D
  8. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Oldschool Gamemode

    How about adding an Oldschool Gamemode (status 2009) : - Old Weapons & Stats - No Demolotion Perk - No Husk -Old Specimen Stats - Max Lvl : 5
  9. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Is the Community ****ing serious ?

    Are they trolling O.o Everyone is now crying about Scythe damage decrease, but everyone wanted to get it balanced... not funny anymore .... -.- http://steamcommunity.com/games/KillingFloor/announcements/detail/1047346711887053148 THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS edit : and by the way, WHY THE **** YOU...
  10. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Trolling or Serious O.o

    Are they trolling O.o Everyone is now crying about Scythe damage decrease, but everyone wanted to get it balanced... not funny anymore .... -.- http://steamcommunity.com/games/KillingFloor/announcements/detail/1047346711887053148 wrong section
  11. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Mapping-Contest ?

    Will there be another Mapping-Contest for Killing Floor ? :)
  12. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Stairs Problem

    So i'll just show you my screens :D The Stairs i did with the 2D-tool. Left is normal and right is intersected : And this is how it looks in 3D -.-' Please help to fix =/
  13. =[PMC]= breakfast

    Please stop blame :(

    please stop ****ing flame about dlc weapons ! Many other games do such things, too and they are pvp . Killing Floor isn't even pvp, so no player has a benefit compared to other players, because it's human vs freaking machine. It was possible to to HoE without the new DLC weapons and it's also...
  14. =[PMC]= breakfast

    BSP Order Problem

    So im working on another map and thats my problem : You can see the inside of the building, around it there should be walls : Topview with added brush around it : So it was before i ****ed up something : I dont really know what happend and what i did wrong but i hope you can help me...
  15. =[PMC]= breakfast


    Hey guys, this is my final release of the cod4 remake "Shipment" with optimized visuals and (i hope good performance,too) Let me hear what you think (especially about performance :)) Gameplay is very hard because the small map seize, but i think its quite fun to play Screens...
  16. =[PMC]= breakfast

    transparent textures

    Hey i want to add a custom transparent texture. Which is the best picture format and what are the best import settings :) ?
  17. =[PMC]= breakfast


    Hey guys, Here is my remake of the CoD4 map "Shipment" . Please help me testing : Performance, Gameplay, Bugs The Trader is only temporary (i know its ugly) & maybe you can give me some suggestions for making a better looking ocean ? Have Fun Screens : UPDATED Download ...
  18. =[PMC]= breakfast


    Why cant i choose perks when hosting a online server with my map ? =/
  19. =[PMC]= breakfast

    [WIP] KF-Raptures ?

    Hey guys, heres my map im currently working on. It takes place in some combination of industrial areas and the horzine headquater. Im done with all architecture, but im not finished with details, pathing, zoneing. (and theres no fog, too. So still pretty much to do) It's playable but it sucks...
  20. =[PMC]= breakfast


    Hi, I know normal pathing works with simple pathnodes, but i wanted to ask WHEN and HOW to use "special pathnotes". I dont know all and i dont even know if they are pathnotes, but in most maps i find other things as jumpspots and so on. A short list would be awesome :D