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  1. {OCS}MasterSeal

    Yeah, they didn't need "fixing" not by OUR choice, but forced changes which runied our maps the...

    Yeah, they didn't need "fixing" not by OUR choice, but forced changes which runied our maps the way WE made them, due to the whitelisting crap we hated and still hate which is why LT doesn't exist, neither does anyone making maps for this game for our servers anymore. Cheers.
  2. {OCS}MasterSeal

    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    good luck. Try this @echo off SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION :: DEFINE the following variables where applicable to your install SET STEAMLOGIN=anonymous SET INSBRANCH=232130 SET InsPath=<PATH>\KF2_Server SET...
  3. {OCS}MasterSeal

    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    quote from above " Cross-play between Steam and EGS will only be supported on un-modded official servers " This is not true. While my server is not modded (unfortunately) I'm not an official server, and the crossplay works (unfortunately). I only have one question WHERE is the "opt out" boolean...
  4. {OCS}MasterSeal

    Mutator list like in Killing Floor 1

    Forgive this BUMP on this extremely important post that's been ignored please... In the past since 2004 I've loved this game. The mod for UT2004 was amazing by Alex Q... I know it was a bit brutal, and not as polished as TWI has made both retail versions, but it was free, and free to do with...