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  1. Murphy

    [Game] Looking for a game...

    I remember it was a strategy game set in medieval times. I don't know if it was historical or fantasy but if it was fantasy it wasn't the Orcs and Elves kind of fantasy.. I think it was historical. I'm pretty sure the graphics were 3d. Think Rise of Nations. Something along those lines. Maybe a...
  2. Murphy

    Faster ZEDs and better Spawn Volume

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here who knows a little somethin'-somethin' about scripts can make me a few actors.:o I basically want this like a quirk in my map that the ZEDs happen to be a tad faster and can spawn in plain sight. For that, I think I need: 1. a version of the ZombieVolume that can...
  3. Murphy

    disable shadows from decolayers

    Hi, is there a way to disable any shadows cast by the models of a decolayer?
  4. Murphy

    Terminal velocity on MoonBase

    Hi, as some of you found out you can catapult yourself around on moonbase by firing a shotgun while airborne. The recoil will throw you back violently. It's a funny side effect of the low gravity but a terminal velocity that would cut down on how far/fast you get thrown back would help make it...
  5. Murphy

    KF-Forest (and KF-ForestNight)

    KF-Forest Screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?x4uz8z2xj88esgm (archive includes both day and night version) Changelog: Server Crash on Map-Change should now be fixed! Removed emitters. No more water splashes and smoke from the cabin chimney but the map shouldn't crash servers...
  6. Murphy

    Missing options in Terrain Editing

    I need these options. Most importantly the scroll bar. The scrollbar on the Layers tab is gone too. I need that back as well. What do I do? This worked fine two days ago. Windows 7 64-bit, gtx460 (driver 306.97). But none of that has changed recently and it worked fine before. I already...
  7. Murphy

    Forest sequel

    I had the idea of making a level that conveys the sense of being lost in the woods. None of this is final. Not sure if I'm even going to finish this at all but here is a first glimpse at what I have so far and what size I want: The map is 131072 x 131072. The playable area is going to be a...
  8. Murphy


    KF-Forest Screenshots: Download: B1 downloads: [scrapped] B2 downloads: [scrapped] Get the Final here Changelog: B2 changes: specimens sometimes fell through the map and halted gameplay. They should now be taken care of. stone stairs look better now, imo ambient-sounds are louder now...
  9. Murphy

    Combiner, one texture is unlit?

    Hi, I wanted to create a combiner, alphablend with mask, but Material2 ends up unlit! How can I make it not unlit?
  10. Murphy

    Exclude the sky from bloom?

    Hi, I would like to enable a very soft bloom for my level but it whites out my sky. The sky is more important to me than bloom so given the choice I would opt to turn bloom off completely. But on the off chance that I can have both, an unbloomed sky and a very bloomy level, let me know how.
  11. Murphy

    DistanceFogBlendTime in Volumes?

    Hi, I need the fog from a volume to blend in gently. With a ZoneInfo you have the option to specify a DistanceFogBlendTime and the game blends the fog into the new color over the specified amount of time. For whatever reason this option is missing for volume fog! Can I get that over somehow?
  12. Murphy

    WIP Forest level

    Still WIP. Atmosphere is a placeholder, for one. The forest here is more or less finished: The river still needs some emitters here and there but other than that it's done:
  13. Murphy

    Disable line-of-sight check on spawners

    Hi, is it possible to disable to line-of-sight check that prevents zombies from spawning when players can see the volume? I want to hide spawning volumes inside StaticMeshes and I want zombies to be able to spawn there at any time. No matter how close players are and no matter if players are...
  14. Murphy

    Mutator: Optional wave challenges ala Gears 3

    The Horde 2.0 mode in Gears of War 3 is comparable to KF in that you're fighting waves of enemies and there's a money system. Another cool little thing they introduced are optional, random challenges that pop up sometimes. You have to complete them in that wave. No penalty if you don't, but if...
  15. Murphy

    Volume for faster ZED movement

    Hi, can someone (looking at ro_sauce :)) write a subclass for a PhysicsVolume for me that only affects ZEDs and can multiply their movement speed with a setting?
  16. Murphy


    Hi, I made some more adjustments to KF-MountainPass. I really like the map so I tried to make it better. If someone could test this a bit and give me some feedback that'd be great. (I'm going to be running it on my server for today - 05/18/12. IP= Download from mediafire.com
  17. Murphy

    Weapons that point to the middle of the screen

    Hi, probably not going to happen for KF anymore, but it's something that should be kept in mind for an eventual KF2. Some weapons point to the middle of the screen making firing them from the hip intuitive and comfortable, e.g. the LAR, while others point way below, like the .44 and dual .44s...
  18. Murphy

    "You picked up ------"

    Hi, when you pick up bolts you get a small white message that reads "you picked up a bolt". I'd like to suggest that this behavior is applied to everything you pick up, especially what you pick up from ammo boxes. As it is now you don't know what you got from the box until you check. You can...
  19. Murphy


    Server Crash on Map-Change should now be fixed! Removed emitters. The sunset's reflection in the water doesn't glitter anymore but the map shouldn't crash servers. I also added a fence at a place where I just had an invisible wall before. The Workshop is being updated. If you subscribed to the...
  20. Murphy

    Updated maps

    KF-AtlasB1 Basic layout of the Gears of War 2 map "Security". Completely new look. Sci-fi city environment. Screenshots: Comments: Couldn't get the laser to work in a completely satisfactory fashion so I didn't include it. Download! ---------------- KF-CaveB3 Junglecave environment...