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  1. Gregs2k2


    Wow, you have a lot of time on your hands! Congrats though :)
  2. Gregs2k2

    Will you be getting the new weapons DLC? Poll

    I've tried them both (through cheeky console commands). Not sold on the Rhinos but the Ion Thruster is a lot of fun. Can see myself investing in that puppy.
  3. Gregs2k2

    A few Questions....

    Hello TW. Here are some questions; from my own head and from friends/other players: - We have our own KF2 server. The EDARs are so-so popular with the people who play. Does TW have any plans to implement a server side option to disable them? It's quite a sought after feature. - Are you...
  4. Gregs2k2

    Video/Screenshot Thread!

    Well, seeing as KF and KF2 have their own megathreads, I thought, so should KF Incursion. So please, post your awesome media here. Usual rules apply. I'll start the ball rolling! https://youtu.be/pGuBHzdtQZ0 Enjoy. Oh, and for those who want to play, add me on Steam/Oculus. Username (for...
  5. Gregs2k2

    Siren Screaming Crash

    Anyone else getting the crash when a siren screams? Has happened twice now. Also some people on the Steam forums are experiencing it: http://steamcommunity.com/app/232090...8860958198925/ Log file below
  6. Gregs2k2

    Looking for Co-op Buddies

    I know we VR bods are in the minority at the moment and I haven't had much co-op time with the game. If any of you fancy slaying zeds together, please hit me up on Oculus. My Oculus ID is Gregs2k2 (no surprise there). :)
  7. Gregs2k2

    Killing Floor: Incursion|RageQuitters Preview!

    The blood is still fresh on our blades from KF2, yet we delve straight into Tripwire's forthcoming VR title, Killing Floor: Incursion. Will Gregs poo his pants in fear? Watch and find out. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G0DbiSW1_w Due for broad release on August 16th, Killing Floor...
  8. Gregs2k2

    KF-Crash - Any takers for a remake for KF2?

    As the title suggests, Kyben and Maul's awesome KF-S themed map was ported over to and refined for KF1. It won a place in the Grindhouse Mapping Contest, back in the day. The map was also added to the official game. Old timers and KF vets alike will remember this puppy. I'm hoping some...
  9. Gregs2k2

    See Gregs "Brave The Shave" for Cancer Research

    Hi all, This is more of a personal campaign. I'm sure many of you have, at some point in your lives, been affected, or had friends/family affected by cancer. Macmillan Cancer Research are currently running a "Brave The Shave" campaign, which involves people shaving their heads for, in my...
  10. Gregs2k2

    Nvidia GTX 1080 - Nvidia FleX Comparison

    We managed to get our hands on a non-founders GTX 1080. Would have been rude not to test how it handles Nvidia FleX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzv_AEk9DNo The tests are run at 1080p (1920x1080 resolution), first on an MSI GTX 970 Frozr IV 4GB GPU and then on an Asus Republic of Gamers...
  11. Gregs2k2

    Boss Life Bars.... Thoughts?

    As daft as this sounds, this is one addition that has irked (annoyed/bugged) me the most. It makes Commando's Call out and boss status colour redundant. So, what do you guys think?
  12. Gregs2k2

    PC Gamer Weekender - Exclusive KF2 Content and Features Reveal

    John and some of the other TW folks are in good old Blighty for this weekend's PCGamer Weekender event. Hope the weather isn't too cold for you guys. :) Anyway, for those of you that missed it, I took the liberty of recording and packaging it all up for you, because I love you all. Some...
  13. Gregs2k2

    KF2 ROTP Preview

    I'll just leave this here. Soak it up and please, discuss. Enjoy. http://www.ragequitters.co.uk/killing-floor-2-return-patriarch-preview/
  14. Gregs2k2

    Nvidia FleX Thoughts

    This is not a complaint thread. It's a thoughts, feedback and experience thread. Well, this feature is beautiful, disgusting and rather heavy on my poor GTX 970. I ran a test earlier and the frame drop, while not considerable, is certainly noticeable. With both FleX fluid and gore enabled. I...
  15. Gregs2k2

    [Game] Ark: Survival Evolved

    Surprised a thread hasn't already been made. If I missed it in the search results, feel free to slap my wrist. Anyway, this is an epic survival game (I know, we already have tons of those) but this is with dinosaurs and it's really good! We tamed a Trike and a Phiomia (pig-type dino). Such epic...
  16. Gregs2k2

    RageQuitters dedicated server

    We signed up to Gaming Deluxe for our 6 slot KF2 server. Everyone welcome. Let's fight the good fight, together! Server has been full since it was activated last night. It comes to something when you can't even get into your own server! ;-) Keep an eye out for us. Server name is: RageQuitters...
  17. Gregs2k2

    Videos/Screenshot Section

    In good old KF tradition, I thought we could do with a screenshot/video thread. I'm just rendering a set of videos I recorded yesterday. Rules are: Normal KF2 gameplay only. No exploits/glitch videos. If you find a bug or exploit then inform Tripwire. Enjoy.
  18. Gregs2k2

    Should ZED Time Colour Saturation be toggable?

    I've noticed a very outspoken few who would like to have the colour switch on KF2's ZED Time event set as a toggable feature. What do you think? Vote and discuss, NO spam.
  19. Gregs2k2

    RageQuitters - Another gaming website; or is it?

    So, a friend and I recently joined forces and came up with RageQuitters. I know gaming websites are 10 a penny these days but we hope to mix things up a little by adding a section devoted to rage-quitting moments in gaming, all captured in glorious YouTube technicolour. We're 4 days into launch...
  20. Gregs2k2

    KF in Machinima's Top 10 of Hoarde Modes

    Quite a nice little rundown, KF2 is also mentioned. Enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFtKxiSSScg