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    How to buy your game on OUYA? If the store is closed.

    Good afternoon, dear developers. I'm an ordinary guy from Russia. I love your games. Very much so. So I took the floor. That is obliged to buy the OUYA console for the sake of your game Killing Floor Calamity. But I immediately ran into a problem. Having bought the console and going to have to...
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    (Beta) The game crashes

    Game is loading. That is all right. BUT, it is necessary to go to any tab, even Options, the game crashes. A Bug report does not send an error where you can attach it? https://vk.com/doc339516270_466505239 https://vk.com/doc339516270_466505248 https://vk.com/doc339516270_466505294...
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    Weapon - Not Special Reload

    Noticed two things. 1)at Flaregun(When he single) no special reload.(It's just accelerated. And not really special) 2) at AF-2011 (when their two) there is no special reload when one of the weapons is discharged. Where all other guns, it is. Even just the animation there is that one weapon...
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    Not dressed "Arm Screen" for a character

    Is the subject - Arm Screen. For all characters. In the inventory it is. And to put on the running his, cannot be In the character menu, nowhere is this subject.
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    Dual Weapons BUG

    I warn you that my English is bad. Since I'm Russian. I'm sorry. Error or bug is that when you buy another weapon(M9 or Revolver 1856) that if you had all the cartridges, when you buy 50%, will immediately disappear.If you buy at the same time, the ammo and sell the gun then the ammo will not be...
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    Bug with raising rounds

    You probably already informed about this bug or the fault of the Ammo.When you have bought all the ammo, then the ammo box is still selected, and though it should not
  7. L

    Bug with welding

    When you take a welding machine and start making the power indicator is in place while the door is brewed
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    A broken torch

    There are a few weapons have on the barrel of the rifle Flashlights, but they don't work.Here's the list: (sa80 rifle)L85A2 has a flashlight on the barrel of the rifle and in the description of the weapon AK-12 has a flashlight on the barrel of the rifle and in the description of the weapon...