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  1. SpurryMoses

    Why apparently verified Killing Floor Servers don't give achievements

    Hi, I'm wondering why some Killing Floor servers, fail to give any achievements at all, while others do. I can appreciate whitelisted maps and perks-enabled etc, but this happens on a server by server basis - and I have all the "perk-enabled", "anti-cheat" etc options enabled, in the...
  2. SpurryMoses

    How to buy off-perk weapons?

    I thought the only way to get off-perk weapons was to have someone else buy them or to pick them up by chance. But I was watching a YouTube video the other day and this player had all weapons available in his trader list - but I only have perk weapons in my list. Can anyone explain why this is?
  3. SpurryMoses

    Quick Iron Sights won't allow me to fire primary

    Hi, I mapped Quick Iron Sights to Cmd key on my Mac (moving from Windows) BUT when I hold it, and press "Fire" it toggles automatic weapon mode and doesn't fire! It's not supposed to work like this is it? It just means I can't use "Quick Iron Sights" at all because I can't fire anything while...
  4. SpurryMoses

    An idea for nerfing pipebombs

    My idea for kerbing the imbalance of the pipebombs is to have pipebombs display a time-out (which shows as a digital display overlaying it) eg 300 seconds. After the timeout elapses, guess what happens...
  5. SpurryMoses

    Zeds should not be immune to Husk bombs

    I just noticed, that zeds dont catch fire from Husk bombs - what's the deal with that? Genetic immunity? My suggestion is that they should suffer just as players do. The Husk should be expected to aim properly and if he corners his own zeds, that's our gain!
  6. SpurryMoses

    Video of winning on suicidal?

    Ive seen loads of KF gameplay videos, but none were playing suicidal. Does anyone know of any where the team wins? Im asking because Im so crap that Ive still never won on suicidal and I want to see what it takes - and learn. I did get to Pat on suicidal with a good team, but our tactic of...
  7. SpurryMoses

    How much money do you need?

    If you've got enough time to hit the "I need money" key, or type in a request, then you should say how much you need or what you need it for - to help others decide whether they can afford it, or whether giving you 50p is really gonna help. I don't like giving money to the biggest mouth and...
  8. SpurryMoses

    Game is more difficult

    I was playing solo on Normal today to perk up my Explosives and I noticed myself dying way too early! Ive beat Hard on all maps and I usually get to about wave 5 or 6 on solo suicidal, but blow me down, I couldnt get passed wave 5 on NORMAL today in Waterworks map. I may be having a bad spell...
  9. SpurryMoses

    Australian Suicidal (and apology)

    I was playing a great game of Suicidal on WestLondon last night on an Aussie server with a bunch of good players (we were holding out inside the building with the front desk). Mid-way through Wave 9, my power mains switched off!!! I can't quite express my feelings at this point - having never...
  10. SpurryMoses

    How "teamy" should teamwork be?

    It's occurred to me (while dying) that "teamwork" could be overrated in KF. One problem is that bunched players inevitably fire shots at the same zombie. Simply because they don't know which the other player is firing at. This surely wastes ammo and time - and if you were to add this up...
  11. SpurryMoses

    Avoid chat messages getting "cut off"

    The chat message facility doesn't work between different windows and it means you often lose chat messages while in the middle of typing. This happens to me every day. For example, while in the lobby waiting for others to join you might type a sentence. If everyone is ready sometime while...
  12. SpurryMoses

    What's the funny character in config?

    What is the meaning of  in killingfloor.ini [DefaultKFDM MaplistRecord]? Is it important? Do I need to preserve it instead of use a space for eg?
  13. SpurryMoses

    Make the "Patriarch Wave" more obvious - I miss it

    I'm hardly ever realizing that the last wave is up. And I'm left with useless weaponry before realising (too late) that this is the "Patriarch Wave". Sometimes the trader says "this time, get the big ones" or something, but not always. I don't have a great suggestion but I'd love a screen...
  14. SpurryMoses

    Not using Mic - what am I missing?

    I have never used a microphone in KF. So I'm wondering, is there anything in the game to indicate that other's are using the mic? Could I have been playing with people who were trying to say something but I had no idea they were using a mic? ie what should I look out for? Although it sounds...