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    Do you think the Demolition Class is Over Powered?

    Just asking what you guys think. I have seen some people say they were over powered and some people saying it wasn't as well as people saying its under powered. They specialize in taking down Flesh Pounds as Flesh Pounds take a significantly more amount from explosives then normal and they...
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    Looking for Suicidal or Hell on Earth Group

    I live in The United States Of America,Cleveland,Ohio I have All perks at level 6 and i do not have a problem with playing any perk. I do not have a mic (yet) but i type pretty fast and i often give out money. I prefer long games and tend to dislike short games. I will know and will play any...
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    Let players Customize what the spawn with at level 6?

    I was thinking of how you are "assigned" weapons for each class at levels 5 and 6. And you have no choice of what you wanted to pick. Example: Level 5 Firebug: Spawns With Flamethrower Level 6 Firebug: Spawns With Mac-10 + Combat Armor A lot of people have been complaining about this for the...
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    Hard\Suicidal\HoE Candle Smoke

    Going to do a game of candle smoke on hard\suicidal or Hell on Earth in about 20 mins. My Perk Levels: Support - Lvl 6 SharpShooter - lvl 6 Demolition - lvl 6 Commando - lvl 6 Firebug - lvl 6 Medic - lvl 6 Beserker - lvl 5 I live in the U.S. Add me on steam if you are interested...
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    M32 or L.A.W?

    M32 or LAW? I have trouble deciding which one i like better so i want to ask what the community thinks. I love the L.A.W since its able to head shot dealing double damage which is helpful against scrakes and FPs.And i like how it can kill everything up to a scrake in 1 shot with direct hit or...
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    Looking for Suicidal\Hell on Earth Group

    As the title says i am looking for a clan/group for Suicidal and Hell on Earth. I live in America and i have lvl 6 Sharp Shooter, Support and Medic.And im lvl 5 zerker working on getting to lvl 6 And i will play any one of them if needed.
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    Tips for Perks,Zombies and Weapons

    Ill start off with Perk Tips... Sharpshooter- The M14,LAR or the Crossbow are your main weapons. And your Secondary Weapons are LAR,Handcannon and 9mm. The Crossbow is KF's version of the Sniper Rifle.It does very high damage with a headshot and is able to Take down any zombie on lower modes...
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    Demo Weapon Combination?

    As the Demo perk i was wondering what is a good Demo weapon combination. I am currently using M32 + M79 + Pipes + Machete Is there any other good Weapon Combinations for him? I was playing on HoE yesterday as a lvl 6 sharper and i saw a demo using M32 + LAR and he seemed to like it but i like...
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    Firebug Guide

    Alot of people think that the firebug is underpowered.But they are actually one of the best classes in my opinion and also others.I have a list of some tips here and i will be constantly be adding more. 1) When firing the FT ( flame thrower ) try to crouch and aim at there feet or legs instead...
  10. B

    Looking for: U.S. Hell on Earth Clan

    As the title says i am looking for a clan in the U.S ( America ) I have lvl 6 medic , Support , and Sharpshooter . I mostly prefer Medic tho,Although i will be support or sharpshooter if needed.I would prefer to have it a full man 6 HoE group.
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    New Medic Weapons

    I know some of these has been suggested before and these are the make the medic more appealing.I like playing medic but i dont find them as much fun as the other classes. The weapons: -Medic Grenades Cost:$70. You can choose whether to buy these or normal grenades but you can only still carry...
  12. B

    Berserker's Weapons

    When i play Berserker i use Katana + Axe + LAR. Im keeping with Katana and Axe but for the higher difficulties like Suicidal and HoE i dont think they are going to be able to do enough damage. I was thinking instead of the LAR of using these: Bullpup, Ak-47, Dual HCs , M79, or MP7. The only...
  13. B

    Bezerker Stun?

    How do you do the scrake stun with katana or axe? Ive heard for Katana you have to alt fire to the head but it never works for me and i always see other bezerkers doing scrake stun with Katana. Also what is the axe good for? Ive seen on youtube people using the axe against FPs hitting them with...
  14. B

    Is there a way to bind weapons on different number keys?

    Im not sure if this has been asked yet but i was wondering since i play support and usually use: Hunting Shotgun + AA-12 + MP7 and since all of those weapons are all on the number key "4" i was wondering if i could maybe change them to maybe hunty on 3 and MP on 5. Im fine with having it on all...
  15. B

    LF HoE group

    Im a lvl 5 soon to be lvl 6 Medic im playing suicidal right now and when i hit lvl 6 im going to start HoE. Im looking for a good HoE group that knows what they are doing (not going rambo,Not Dying Every wave,Not Spamming I NEED MONEY!,and not leaving the...
  16. B

    Im Happy :D

    Im a lvl 5 SharpShooter and Medic, Im playing on Suicidal right now as these to classes and is there anything that i need to know before i go onto HoE?:confused: I already know these differences between Suicidal and HoE: Suicidal: Damage and Health increased By 55%. HoE: Damage and Health...
  17. B

    Commando's Targets

    I wanted to know the list of which a Commando should aim for first the way i am using currently is: 1st- Siren 2nd- Stalker 3rd- Crawler 4th-Gorefast 5th-Husk 6th-Bloat 7th-Clot 8th-FleshPound 9th-Scrake The reason i dont aim for scrakes or Flesh Pound is because i cant do alot of damage to...
  18. B

    Weapon Attachments?

    I was thinking making something for people to use there extra money on except for pipes. I dont know if this would make it OP or not but i was thinking adding attachments to weapons like: Flashlight- Bigger Clip Size- Increased Max Ammo- Faster Reload- More Penetration- A little more Damage-...
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    HoE best Weapons for each Perk.

    What do you guys think is the best weapons for each perk on HoE mode? Ex. Crossbow and Hand Cannon for sharpshooter.