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  1. teemu92

    Anton Strasser bug with German Gas Mask

    Hello, this has been around since the gas mask came out and im not sure if its known but only with Anton one of the straps goes blank like the textures are missing, other characters are fine. Thanks.
  2. teemu92

    Campaign achievements do not work

    Hi, i have been playing the campaign, i completed the axis one and now starting allies, but i have not got a single achievement from them, witch i should have. So i thought it report this quite minor but still a bug, that bothers us achievement hunters :p All multiplayer related achivements...
  3. teemu92

    Cant change graphics options?

    So yeah, noticed the new patch came and decided to try it out, noticed gfx was set to high, and i want to change them to all low like i usually play, i switch them, it says to restart the game, i do so and when i start it up again the settings are the same as before, high not changed. What is...
  4. teemu92

    [Error] Demo Recording

    Hello people, i am loving ro2 alot :) but, i love to make videos so i tried to record a demo and so i did, but instantly when i set the demorec command in the console i lost 20-30 fps, witch is a first ive ever seen in a game that has demo recording, its not supposed to drop fps. Ok i recorded...
  5. teemu92

    [How Do I?] How do i open the console?

    How do i open the console? i tried key left side of 1 but nothing, i would like to try demo recording and maybe make a few videos, thanks!
  6. teemu92

    No weapon models for 1st person spectator mode?

    As i noticed from this video Red Orchestra 2 Gameplay Preview - Part 1 [HD] - YouTube At 0:33 we dont see the hands or weapon in the view, wich really makes me worried, since this probably means when you record a demo you wont see them either. Being able to record a demo and then record...
  7. teemu92

    RO2 Demo Recording?

    Will RO2 feature properly working demo system, in RO1 & KF when i record a demo, on both of the games the weapon models wont show AND there is a 25 framerate cap, wich is UNACCEPTABLE for movie making. Since i am planning to make alot of video from RO2 demo recording is important to me, 1...
  8. teemu92

    More info in the scoreboard

    Hi, currently the killing floor scoreboard only shows kills, health & ping. What i would suggest is that it would show the amount you healed & welded, also a headshot counter would be a great addition too! Just a thing i thought up while playing it today :) Also thought that it would be a...
  9. teemu92

    Please no 90 fps cap in RO2

    As the title says, RO1 & Killing Floor have this 90 framerate cap, why i dont like it? well when i play ro1 or kf in practice or solo mode, i get about 200 fps in both games, and to have give up over 100 fps while playing online is a shame, also. I just played kf and noticed my fps drops to...
  10. teemu92

    will RO2 have a way to record your demos?

    What i mean is, when watching your demo and being able to start recording and taking a certain amount of screenshots per second like 60 to get a smooth 60fps video for video making, how it would work is lets say you record 10 seconds with 60 screenshots a second that would do 600 screenshots...
  11. teemu92

    Your Favourite WW2 Movies

    Hi, since i got into playing RO:OST i have been wanting to watch ww2 movies even more, so what are your favourites and what would you recommend for me to look up if i have missed any good ones :) I have seen.. Flags of our Fathers Inglorious Basterds Letters from Iwo Jima Schindler's List and...
  12. teemu92

    [How Do I?] Remove the Framerate cap?

    Hello, im trying to get rid of the 90fps lock in the game. Its a shame really when i play practice mode the framerates go 300+ and its really smooth and nice to play, when i go into a online game it locks to 90. Would be nice to get the full power of my pc in a online server too, i tried...
  13. teemu92

    question about demo recording

    Hello, i know how to record & playback demos in source games & call of duty, i know how to do it in red orchestra now too, but when i playback my demo the framerate is capped at 25 and i cant see my weapon, so recording a video would be dumb without the gun showing. anybody got any tips how i...