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  1. RoBoT

    [Help] Making physics asset collides with players

    Hello, Recently I've been trying to make a Mesh that impulses whenever something hit it. So I made simple cube with bone on 3Dmax and export it to KF2 SDK as .FBX, then I made a physical asset of the mesh and it works perfectly fine. Except one thing, It doesn't impulses when the player/zed...
  2. RoBoT

    Broken glass blocks husk's fireball issue

    What the title says, I have breakable glasses in my map and they block husk's fireball only even when they're broken. I mean pawns, bullets and other things could go through, except for the fireball. Am I the only one who's having this issue?
  3. RoBoT

    mylevel package?

    Is there a way to save custom materials/sounds/meshs etc.. into the map itself (like "mylevel" in KF1) instead of separated packages?
  4. RoBoT

    [Help] Pawn location + destructible lights

    I'm trying to find Pawns (human/fleshpound) location in the actor browser for the measurements like I used to do that on KF1, but I couldn't find them... Also does anyone have any idea how the destructible light works? I couldn't find the connection between the light actor and light mesh...
  5. RoBoT

    No instrumental?

    I bought the deluxe so I can listen to the music whenever I want from the soundtrack. but why there is no instrumental version in it? there are only vocal ones...
  6. RoBoT


    Give me my SDK! I don't see it anywhere
  7. RoBoT

    Spectate the boss

    Category: Code Summary: The spectator can view the boss on 1st person. Description: It happened when I was spectating player on 3rd person, once the boss spawned, the camera went to him to hear his message (like it usually does). After that, it started viewing the boss on 1st person instead...
  8. RoBoT

    Game crashes at launch (with machine specs & launch file)

    A friend of mine is having trouble with launch crash, he tried these steps: - Re-install & update the drivers + phyx. - Verify the cache files. - Deleting the config folder from the documents. - Run the game and steam as administrator. here is the dxdiag and launch files
  9. RoBoT

    Flickering static

    This problem doesn't happen in the game, but I assume it's caused by it. everytime I finish playing the game I get this flickering static whenever I watch a video or images like now. It gets fixed when I restart my computer but whenever I play the game, the problem comes back.
  10. RoBoT

    dedicated servers?

    After watching KF2 trailer for PS4, my friend and I were worried about what if the game uses Host/Lobby thing only like the most recent games, and what if the game didn't have dedicated servers & server browsing?
  11. RoBoT

    [SDK] Global radius sounds issue

    Lately I've been adding custom sounds in triggers & custom zed. They're working fine, but the problem is that I can hear the sounds from long distance like they're next to me. Could be something to do with my converted .wav files?
  12. RoBoT

    [Help] custom sound for zed

    Hello, Lately I started working on SDK again and I thought maybe I could make another custom zed, Siren. But I'm having trouble finding the script to change her scream sound/red effect. I assume it's possible to change it? because I remember hearing different scream on xmas or summer event...
  13. RoBoT

    KF KFO-Haunted-Hotel

    This is my first objective map I made, It's an inspiration map of an indie game named "Damned". Features: - The map has random generated keys, and different doors you unlock every round. - A Visibility Bar on the middle of your HUD is effected by the lights, to let you know if your visible...
  14. RoBoT

    KF Changing the lighting on staticmesh

    I was wondering if there way to make the lighting on the Staticmesh more simple as the BSP one? so It wouldn't have dark areas on sides like in this screenshot
  15. RoBoT

    removing fleshpound's lights

    I was trying to remove the lights (yellow/red) ones of the fleshpound, and I only managed to hide by making them invisible... But the problem is when someone aims at him with his flashlight he'll be able to see floating flat thing infront of fleshpound's stomach (where the light's texture used...
  16. RoBoT


    I was inspired by Cry of Fear and Afraid of Monsters (Half Life mods) :) Download: Moddb Gamefront MediaFire Steam Older version (without jumpscares): Gamefront Screenshots Video: KF-CryOnFloor - YouTube UPDATED(01): -Fixed few bugs -Replaced music with CoF music UPDATED(02): -...
  17. RoBoT

    workshop: "Usable in Killing floor SDK"

    recently I uploaded a map to the workshop and it shows these files are what for : usually it says "Killing Floor" and its kinda bothers me, its probably not a big deal but any way to fix it?
  18. RoBoT

    [help] optimize graphic performance

    I should've asked about this along time ago, I have been getting issues with random low frames, like my fps usually around 100-150 then all sudden it drops down to 30-45 when zeds come... I have been trying make the game runs better by turning off antialiasing,anisotropic,shadows and vsync it...
  19. RoBoT

    blocking volume not working

    I have been working on map, adding blocking volumes in areas so it wont be glitched but when I was testing it, some blocking volumes doesnt work like it doesnt block at all... I never touched the properties of blocking volume and I did rebuild all, all I did is duplicating (shift+D) blocking...
  20. RoBoT

    KF-Killing-V (for valentine's day)

    hello everyone! I made this small map for valentine! romantic and still creepy! so bring your date and play KF! if not... then you can always have the stalker with you ;) Download: Link1 / Link2 / Link3 Screenshots: