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    If you're running out of space due to a large cache folder...

    Since I've now installed a 128GB SSD and put KF on it I've realised the rather large cache size (currently +5GB just from playing on about 7 different servers) is going to swallow up valuable storage that I need for other files, yet I want to keep the KF installation on the SSD since it loads...
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    Impossible to play thanks to mods?

    Just been trying to join a few servers for the past half hour but it seems all of them have +200MB mods and when they finally load I get a stupid mismatch error. How? I'm running a fresh installation of KF so there's no custom content installed, the cache is fresh, and all the other files are up...
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    Player-blocking disabled during trader time?

    Is player blocking now disabled during trader time, like my KFAntiBlocker mutator did? I heard a while ago that TWI were considering implementing my mutator, but I see that the mutator itself isn't included in the vanilla game. I'm just wondering if it was hard-coded into the game rather than...
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    19,000 players right now!

    http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ That's quite an accomplishment! Yes a lot of them may be crappy players, but it may result in a much larger player base overall, which means more people to play with. Who else is amazed by such figures?
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    So who noticed this during the event?

    About 10 days ago I was looking through KFCheatManager.uc for console commands to add to the official wiki, when I came across this: exec function HugeGnome() { local KF_GnomeSmashable Gnome; local vector NewScale; NewScale.X = 20; NewScale.Y = 20; NewScale.Z = 20; ForEach...
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    Claymore & Scythe - Stagger when missed target

    This may be applicable to other weapons too, particularly the axe and katana. It's often been complained about that the berserker can just hold down primary fire and hold doorways without having to move, and as of yet the only real solutions we've had are making the weapons "semi-auto" or...
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    Weapon stat generator (with source)

    Here's a little something I whipped up to output a list of weapon/specimen values to the log. It's meant for the standard weapons however you can add custom to the AdditionalWeapons array. I've written it to get an accurate set of stats for the official KF wiki so if anyone sees any problems...
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    [Mutator] ShotgunFix - Mod to fix double-hit bug

    ShotgunFix Since it's been complained about a lot, and hasn't yet been fixed, I decided to write a mutator to fix the double-hit bug that occurs with all four shotguns. I've tested it both online and offline, and it seems to work just fine. If anyone encounters any problems please let me know...
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    Why do people run servers with +100 guns?

    What's the point in having so many weapons when most of them are either of poor quality, or do exactly the same thing as every other weapon? If you do have some good weapons on there, why saturate the list with crud that people have to search through (in limited trader time, might I add) before...
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    [Mutator] Trader Manager

    Trader Manager Just a small something I've been working on the past few days. I've been contemplating the large number of (sometimes not so unique) weapons that we have in the trader, and decided it would be good to have a way to put a limit on which items are available, either on a game basis...
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    Ammo backpack

    Not sure if this exact idea has been proposed before, but here it is: A buyable ammo backpack that takes up a certain amount of space in your inventory (say, 2-3 slots) and gives all your weapons a 10-20% increase in ammo capacity. Thoughts?
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    Benjamin's Debugging Tools - Specimen collision viewer

    A work-in-progress toolset currently consisting of a specimen collision viewer with damage statistics and automatic god mode. It works only in solo and it's intended to help specimen modders. Download http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10521&stc=1&d=1340475699
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    Specimen development bloopers

    Just the results of doing some experimentation with 3ds max (with Hemi) and not knowing what I'm doing. Don't criticize my excellent taste in music. YouTube - Killing Floor Specimens - What? YouTube - Killing Floor Specimens - What? 2
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    Extended mutator class for Killing Floor - TWI needs your ideas!

    Hi all, I've contacted Xienen and he has agreed to add an extended mutator class, which will have new KF-specific events called during the game. I'll be compiling a list of events, writing the mutator base class, and detailing where the hooks should be placed. So I'm asking you guys if there...
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    (KF2) Motion capture for animations

    I've always thought the animations were rather rigid, and I believe this affects the feel of the game greatly. It's true that the graphics in this game are lower spec compared to other games of the time, and I strongly feel that improved animations alone would make a big difference in this area...
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    Better HUD scaling

    Just a thought, since the game can run pretty well on older machines although the lower resolution means HUD elements such as the specimen counter take up more space (instead of scaling). This is how the HUD currently looks in 800x600. This is how I think it should look (scaled in paint from...
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    [Mutator] Christmas Zeds for KF-EvilSantasLair

    Christmas Zeds for KF-EvilSantasLair Sorry, but since it's coming up to Christmas I've decided to remove the files to give TWI the option to decide whether people should be playing with these specimens or not. You knew someone would make it, and here it is. Been experimenting with it the past...
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    Pipe Bombs - Don't allow dead specimens to detonate them

    Why? Because it's insanely annoying for a single stalker to set it off just because there are a few corpses lying around.
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    Interesting weapon ideas

    MG36? M40A1? P99? Boring. All guns fire bullets (well you know what I mean), with the only difference being how much damage they do, how fast they fire, whether they are semi or fully automatic... in the end with all of them you just aim and fire. In the beginning of KF the weapons were fairly...
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    Chrome problems on these forums?

    I don't know why but I've been recently having problems with Chrome (version 7.0.517.41) and it's particularly noticeable on these forums. On other browsers I have no problems. I've tried clearing the cache and reinstalling Chrome to no avail. I'm experiencing these issues: Clicking...