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  1. CptFoley101

    Hue City - missing wall.

    Video of bughttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-gyRGNge1I&feature=youtu.be
  2. CptFoley101

    Not sure if bug...

    The Combat Engineer role initially gets M34 WP and C4 but if you throw, lets say the c4 (i mean as in dropping it with "backspace" or whatever button you have set up) and when you grab it back up the M34 will be discarded. Same deal with the other way around too.
  3. CptFoley101

    Recon plane sound bug

    When a recon plane gets shot down by SAM the sound of flying doesnt disappear. It plays out normally as if it never got shot down. Example:
  4. CptFoley101

    2 bugs

    1. On Hue City when you enter the water (the one leading to C) walking and running speed becomes really slow. Its like you got truck tires strapped to you. 2. Traps can be seen through walls. Here are video examples:
  5. CptFoley101

    Cu Chi invisible wall

    This one is the back of the last objective Heres a video example aswell:
  6. CptFoley101

    Cu Chi terrain bug

    The wall is a bit high above ground and its possible to see people walking on the other side
  7. CptFoley101

    Is this supposed to be spawn protection ?

    This happened shortly after americans captured C objective
  8. CptFoley101

    Mosin Nagant feels weird and vests.

    I thought about bringing this up after the 1st beta wave but seeing it is same in the 2nd im gonna share my thoughts. By weird i mean that the damage it does is inconsistent. At times i will 1-shot-kill with it but at other times (more than i would like) it will take more than 1 body shot to do...
  9. CptFoley101

    Crash on Free play - Helicopter Range

    How to reproduce: Every time you press ESC-Leave server Reproducibility: always
  10. CptFoley101

    Invisible wall

    Dont know if its intended or not but there seems to be an invisible wall on the Cu Cu Chi map http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...558C0667A4534/ http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...81EEFCFA7A566/ And while im at it, the game refuses to launch after i change foliage and shadows to low. I...
  11. CptFoley101

    Wrath of the Grenades

    About time somebody brought this up :D.
  12. CptFoley101

    RO2 Tankers rank up now ?

    http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/612770366630491638/30BB9EF1F0B548D975E33C95CF9C4DC477B14D63/ :confused:.
  13. CptFoley101

    RS Ladder bug

    When trying to climb up a ladder the character gets "glued on" to it and and its a 50:50 chance to free yourself.It happens when playing online.Seems to be affecting RS only.
  14. CptFoley101

    RO2 Pill boxes on Mamayev.

    When playing as a German sapper and if you destroy them it takes -5 points.It states that i have to protect them.Why should i protect something which at the same time i have to attack ?:eek:
  15. CptFoley101

    RO2 Win/Loss ratio bug

    Okay,so today i wanted to play a bit of HoS,cuz i got tired of playing RS with bolt only.And the thing is my win/loss ratio dropped from 1,67 (880 wins,526 losses)to 0,83.How the hell in the course of couple of hours i lost 527 games ?
  16. CptFoley101

    Free roaming if joined as spectator not working.

    Since the new patch i(and probably others)have noticed that the free roaming if joined as spectator doesn't work.Is it a bug?Im pretty sure its not a server setting,because its not working in every server.IMO this is really bad,especially for admins.
  17. CptFoley101

    [Question] Can anybody tell me what this is ?

    Been wondering for some time,trying to figure it out by myself,but to no avail.So i ask you guys.Anybody knows what this is for ?
  18. CptFoley101

    [Fix] Buggy shadow

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94364475 As you can see,my character's shadow is visible,but the weapon's is not.Any fix for this? If a moderator is viewing this ,please change the prefix to Error,because i didnt pay much attention
  19. CptFoley101

    Suggestion for Multiplayer Campaing

    Here goes: -Objectives need to be captured one by one(much like in SP),but with some changes: -After each objective is captured,a lockdown timer starts in which the attackers have to defend it,before they unlock the 2nd objective. -If the defenders recapture lost ground within the...
  20. CptFoley101

    A stupid question

    Do heroes get access to attachments they haven't unlocked ? For example my MP40 lvl is 15, but for dual magazines i need 25.Will i get access to it even though i don't have it unlocked ,just because im a hero ?:)