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    If you have a server, give it a try.......KF-State_Palace

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    KF-State_Palace Final

    After two years on and off, its finally complete... the stripper hooker trader chick broke servers, so she had to go... I lost the energy to add music... but this map is still amazing even to me. I hope all enjoy for a long time to come, a lot of work by a lot of people went into it... you'll...
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    Glass Mover Quantity Problem

    So I used the KFglassmover from offices map, but I used it to make an exploding chair that breaks when zeds hit it or people shot it... it works in solo and multi.... then I made 10... still works.... 50.... then about 100... now it only works in solo. In multi on my server I can join the game...
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    Slippery Slide Question

    I have a ledge I want people to be able to jump to, but I want them to slide off to the next level down because it would be cheating to stay on the ledge... How do I make a slippery blocking volumn?
  5. G

    Problem with emitter in netplay... narrowed problem but need help

    So, my buddy made this really cool lightshaft as a mutator, but the mutator package was crashing servers, so I decompiled it and rather than making this a mutator I tried just reapply the settings I found in the .uc file to a fresh emitter actor. It looks and works perfect in solo mode, but in...
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    this hot stripper trader needs help

    Please help me repair this bad *** stripper mutator and anim... to view, open under actor and anim... then in actor, drop decoration/****ing****. select pose under properties/****ing**** tab. Note that this mutator appears to crash my server, but it seems to work in solo... and help is...
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    Removal of Mutators from Map

    How do you remove a mutator from a map? I have been searching for weeks, I'm desperate. My buddy put some really cool things in my map, but apparently had to use mutators... a lot of his other stuff I deleted and I suspect it used muts as well. All I want to do, is completely strip the .u file...
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    I need help with a mut

    Desperate Link to Files: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B71fEvZJKoXBQjdoSW9JSE1jajg/edit?usp=sharing Alright, my buddy commiejoe made some muts for my map... low and behold, they seem to crash servers. The errors I've seen include either crash after map vote or always joining as a ghost...
  9. G


    Hey folks, I'm looking for a little advice and assistance, I haven't been dealing with sound even though I've been mapping a number of years. I gots me a rave map... what do I do about music? Ideally, I'd like each room to play a different genre, ideally in such a manor that people don't notice...
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    Chair Exploding, if you can fix this your the god of KF

    Files: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByN0yqLVvI-EUWtCNEhRMDdidms/edit?usp=sharing My theater has like 100-200 of these in one room, so I want to be able to destroy them as desired to reduce poly count. But there would be a difference between a gun destroy and, say, a grenade destroy. Many...
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    Path Node Optimizing and Reach specs

    Hi, I assume that a "reachspec" is a line between two pathnodes, but I could be wrong. Calculating reachspecs on build in my map takes about 5 minutes... My pathnodes are not optimized... please tell me how to optimize pathnnodes or point me in the direction of a tutorial. ANy help is appreciated.
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    My ini and 3 issues

    1. Why wont my server auto cycle to the same map... I want the same one continuously, it plays on start but then requires restart. 2. Why doesn't my server show up in the lobby or steam servers, only favorites in KF? 3. How do I redirect for faster map download server...
  13. G


    KF_State_Palace_BETA1 Map Name: KF_State_Palace_BETA1 Beta Number: BETA1 Playable: Yes Pictures: See Below Description of map: State Palace Theater, New Orleans Rave What testing is wanted: Everything, and help fixing... if it ain't already fixed, I couldn't figure it out and need help.. see...
  14. G

    If you can make things break, please help

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time. I probably know most of the people reading this. Just trying to wrap up my map for beta release, the last remaining issues are tough though. I have a chair that is in five parts because it needs to be culled very carefully since there are like 500 of them in...
  15. G

    multiplay vs solo issues

    I am having a few problems with conflicting graphics of the map in difference scenarios. Problem 1: I have a floor made of BSP in one room, it has a moving texture that's a slightly complicated; its made up of image sequences and a texture rotater. When I set the scale to 1 or 2 of this bsp, it...
  16. G

    Legality of Sound

    So, I need to put some sounds in my map. I'm not making any money off this thing so I would think I should be allowed to use music from a band right? Or is that a nono? I got various techno songs I want to add to the map, assuming there is a way to set it as music so the user can turn it off if...
  17. G


    Ok, so it seems like everyone realizes that the white list is critical to player involvement in a new map, and one would deduce that accomplishments would also play a major role; an example would be once you get all lvl 6s leveling up is no longer a factor. So, how do we get real accomplishments...
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    Optimizing Depth

    So, part of my map is a movie theater. As you would probably guess, this movie theater is filled with chairs. When the player is standing close to the stage or screen, he/she is looking through all those chairs and performance starts to suffer. the player can always see the tops of each...
  19. G

    Optimizing Depth

    So, part of my map is a movie theater. As you would probably guess, this movie theater is filled with chairs. When the player is standing close to the stage or screen, he/she is looking through all those chairs and performance starts to suffer. the player can always see the tops of each chair...