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  1. TheMutant

    SDK crashing after opting into beta

    My SDK crashes after the process: "Compiling shaders for material MobileMasterMaterial" (takes quite some time). I have already verified the cache of both the SDK and game. The game itself loads fine. EDIT: I have opted into the SDK beta as well. Here is the log snippet, but it does not tell...
  2. TheMutant

    [Mutator] No Teleport

    Therefore I decided to remove this feature to see how much it has an impact on gameplay. From what I have read KF2 already gives a speed boost to monsters that are out of sight and has a separate teleport system for monsters that are stuck. So the only reason for another teleport mechanic is to...
  3. TheMutant

    KF KF LOD Fix

    I have noticed that a lot of monsters are not using their LODs correctly and/or are not using all levels. Therefore, I decided to offer this fix which also helps to improve performance especially with summer monsters. As it is a client-side modification and can be used on any server without...
  4. TheMutant

    KF Explosives Fix Mutator

    This is a quick mutator I have thrown together in order to fix the explosive weapons related bug that is getting more attention by griefers these days. The package does not need to be downloaded by clients. This mutator is currently not whitelisted! Download: Steam Workshop Mega
  5. TheMutant

    KF Kite-Down-Challenge

    Hello fellow community, welcome to the Kite-Down-Challenge! So what's the deal? Kite KF-LaCasaMuerta. Why? Because it seems to be impossible, so I challenge you to prove the opposite! Everybody is allowed to participate! Just capture a video of your game and post it down here along with one...
  6. TheMutant

    KF Realtime Shadows Mutator

    Hello fellow community, I also gave it a try to create projector-based realtime calculated shadows on Unreal Engine 2. They are not perfect for sure, but the best I could make out of the technology. The shadows are disabled by default, so you have to enable them before getting started. I...
  7. TheMutant

    KF All Whitelisted Packages

    Since there is nowhere an up-to-date list, here is the list of all whitelisted packages. I will skip the default KF packages. I tried to group the older with their updated counterparts (->). If you find any packages that are incompatible, non-working with the recent Killing Floor build or...
  8. TheMutant

    KF Monster Scaler Mutator

    Monster Scaler Mutator gives each specimen a slight random scale, excluding Patriarch. This, however, has no impact on the other abilities such as speed/health/damage output. That way, it is no longer as easy to line up monsters of the same type, you have to carefully adjust your aim. Monster...
  9. TheMutant

    KF KF-TheTestmap-2

    Hello dear community, it has been a long time since I have updated my testmap the last time. I decided to rename it, as the update (or rather expansion) grew too large. Finally, the map has reached its final stage, nothing huge can be added anymore. :) New Features: - Different layouts to...
  10. TheMutant

    KF Replace Workshop Item Afterwards

    Hello folks, I wonder if I can change replace a given file in Workshop with another one (different name) without having any issues afterwards. Example: Old file: KF-MapX New file: KF-MapY Does the auto-update trigger and if yes, will it replace/delete the old file? Thanks in advance. :)
  11. TheMutant

    KF Share Cash Mutator

    Hey folks, as I "promised" to create this mutator, here you are. :) Share Cash Mutator has been whitelisted in v1061! Description: Remaining money of leaving (crashing) players will be shared among all players alive. Only amounts above the starting amount will be shared. Crashing players...
  12. TheMutant

    KF [Help] Custom Mutator Config Page

    Hello there, I need a custom mutator configuration page for my new project. Unfortunately, I have no experience with that so far. Furthermore, I don't find any tutorials on that cover that topic. It would be great if someone could give me some hints/advice. What I want to do: A list component...
  13. TheMutant


    Hello fellow community, the last months I have been working on a remake from scratch of JacksonL's original map for Killing Floor mod. I tried to keep the original feeling as good as possible but had to add many things to make it suitable to retail gameplay. Unlike other maps, the monsters do...
  14. TheMutant

    Recent changes on SDK and random items

    Hello community, since the X-MAS update I noticed two new things concerning the KF SDK. First of all, all my pickups throw an error to the map check window. How can I fix them? Additionally, I have new AI path connection (orange colored) over larger distances, I assume this has something to do...
  15. TheMutant

    KF SDK: "Update Steam Workshop Upload" Issue

    Hey folks, every time I press on the "Update Steam Workshop Upload" button my SDK crashes due to running out of virtual memory: I have had never issues with updating my files, but I disabled "virtual memory" on my machine as I use a SSD. 8GB RAM should actually be enough space for the SDK...
  16. TheMutant

    Hell on Earth: Challenges

    I have seen that recently many challenges have been posted. I also gathered some neat spots as I noticed that the usual spots are gradually getting lame. So I searched for camping-spots that are challenging as hell and demand that everything works 100%, no mistakes are allowed! I have tried the...
  17. TheMutant

    Workshop - Map Issue

    Hello, a mate of mine is having the issue that he cannot see my map ingame he has subscribed. Even after restarting Steam/KF there is nothing. The strange thing is that the map has downloaded successfully and is located in the correct folder. I thought it may be the *.ucl file, so I sent it to...
  18. TheMutant


    Hello community, I hope you're not fed up with versions of the Testmap. :D I extended Anaemix's Testmap with the aim to create the perfect parctise environment. I polished the map, extended it and improved it with custom scripts to offer the perfect practise map. The map is meant to be played...
  19. TheMutant

    [Help] Viewport misaligned

    Hello community, I subclassed a new gametype (from KFGameType) that uses a new PlayerController (subclass from KFPlayerController) to integrated a respawn system. It works pretty well, but sometimes the viewport is misaligned after respawning. It seems that the camera has a wrong rotation and...
  20. TheMutant

    [Question] PreloadAssets()/UnloadAssets()

    Hello fellow community, does anyone know where these functions will be called, especially UnloadAssets()? I saw that some classes can call PreloadAssets() on its own, but I can't find any references to UnloadAssets(). Is it called by the engine? Thanks in advance.