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    Cosmetics more in line with characters and perks

    So I was thinking about immersion and some of the cosmetic. Sure, some of the flashy and hoiday stuff is fun but wouldn't the cosmetics be better served if they fit more the perks and characters? Or maybe packages designed for certain specific classes? Like more Commando fatigues for the...
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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    An option to skip unboxing/crafting animatics. While I do appreciate the work done in creating them, it gets old when you've unboxed several hundred vault crates and or crafted several hundered items.
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    New TV cosmetic screen bundle and Dar

    This concerns the new cosmetic bundle that includes the tv screen (and exit sign) that is worn on the back of players. When the tv screen with text is equipped by Dar, Dar's back clips through it. I was wearing Dar's cosmetic armor, specifically the red and black armor set that is from a crate...
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    New pistol DualG18 bug

    So I was playing solo and was curious and using the console commands spawned both sets of weapons. On the pistol after the round during the trader, I tried to drop one. My game sort of froze a second and I dropped both guns. Both disappeared. The bigger concern was my run speed (as a...
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    A story mode that has a progression map campaign

    I think in the future (KF3) a play mode that sort of has a map showing the zed spread. It would be nice of you could have whatever map that was last had more infected. Command and Conquer by Westwood had a sort of world map mode where you fought different generals. Kind of like that with the...
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    More daily bounties to help self quarentined players pass the time

    A simple suggestion. Add (or rotate) the daily bounties to twice a day or three times a day (changing them after several hours) to help the mind numbing self quarentining.
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    Current Trap Door seasonal not counting

    So I was in the red room (two tier with stairways) and got 4 to drop down into the floor trap. Did not get any credit toward my goal count. Am currently at 15. :(
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    Biological looking weapon skins

    I could see some skins like similar to David Cronenberg's Videodrome or eXistenZ. Or even some bone shaped skins like a rifle that's based off a human arm. Could be great for Halloween event.
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    New variant zed

    It's something that would be pretty easy to impliment. A Husk variant that fires projectiles like one of the machine gun, assault rifle, or rifle weapons. It's sort of a smaller version of the Pat except without the explosive attacks or cloaking. The idea would be even more ranged attacks. I...
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    Speed versus loadout

    So I've been thinking about this idea. Most lower level weapons have no problem with smaller trash zeds. So is it better to buy say one big zed killing weapon (if your team is competent), a minor weapon, and a medic pistol so you still have weight left over (which in theory should allow you to...
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    Seemingly more sirens

    In two games, one suicidal, the other HOE I had clusters of 5 sirens spawning either right next to each other or in a line. What? Also 5 bloats in two other games of the same types spawning the same way near the end of the wave.
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    An idea for a new weekly

    How about a weakly where it randomly picks each players perks? I imagine there'd be a lot of "I hate this weakly" but it could be very entertaining.
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    EMP pistol for survivalist and Sharpshooter

    I was thinking that maybe the next HRG weapon should be a very low damage but good EMP pistol with a very limited ammo magazine. I could see it work for the survivalist and for the sharp (EMP and then quickly change to a more damaging weapon).
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    Bandolier Cosmetic outfit suggestion

    It occurs to me given how much ammo characters are supposed to be lugging around, how about some cosmetics that reflect that? Bandolier belts, shotgun ammo vests, and more would sell very well. I could see some supports maybe even carrying ammo boxes as a backpack. I know there's a helmet that...
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    Firebug should have option to buy fire 9mm ammo

    Either have this as a perk bonus at level 25, or an optional purchase at the trader pod just to add dot fire to the base 9mm.
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    Something for PVP- Traitor

    Mirror look a like, Horzine traitor. One of the zed players spawns with the same weapons and perk settings as one of the players. They are wearing the exact same cosmetics and can use the same guns. This happens during the attack waves so while the normal players are fighting the traitor can...
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    Question about the Ion Thruster (which I purchased) and Firebug

    I've read that it's not a cross perk weapon. My question is would the fire that it causes have the firebug skills applied if it were used by the firebug? I.e. the burning damage and it's length of time?
  18. B

    Rhino says it's also for sharpshooter but doesn't appear in sharpshooter trader pod list

    So I purchased the Rhino and according to the store blurb it states it's for the gunslinger and the sharpshooter perks. However, the Rhinos don't appear in the sharpshooter's trader pod buy list :( Is that a bug or does it only work for the gunslinger and not receive sharpshooter perk skils...
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    How about adding the additional music from Killing Floor 1 to the current game

    I know this can be done with edits, but since Tripwire owns both properties, this seems like it could be a nice feature. I don't know if there would be music licensing problems.
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    Original Nailgun with Beserker seems off

    It seems like movement speed is a little slower and shooting speed is a lot slower. Could be because of how much I've been using the Swat with it's HRG nailgun. Just checking with the player base.