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    Summer 2020 beta: My thoughts

    The new map It's actually one of the better maps I've seen so far. While we're no longer killing evil clowns in steampunk environments, I think this map works extremely well with the game's pacing, and the combination of spacious and claustrophobic areas really works in its favour. Balance...
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    Neon Nightmares: My thoughts

    Biolapse Honestly, probably one of the worse maps that have been made in recent times. From my experience, maps like Evacuation Point, Blackwood Asylum, Monster Ball and Sanitarium are generally better since most firefights often devolve into S+M1 while hoping that a few stray bullets are...
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    Because people will cry for Firebug nerfs, my suggestion for the inevitable + a minor spitfire buff

    Hey, here's a crazy thought: How about we actually INCREASE the Firebug's damage output when he gets nerfed? Sounds paradoxical, but I think it's doable. Perhaps these changes would be preferable? Caulk n' Burn Base damage increased to 17 (was 10) Max ammo decreased to 50+250 Spitfire/Dual...
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    My take on the whole "Survivalist needs a rework thing"

    I dunno if he actually needs a rework to be honest. IMO, i think it'd be more prudent to buff his current skillset with the only skills being reworked outright are Melee Expert, Medic Training and Lockdown. Maybe this would work? Passives Weapon Damage: 0.6% * Level (Unchanged) Global Damage...
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    [Yuletide horrors] Reduce number of Matriarch kills required to complete the objective to 4

    With the way things are currently set up, I don't see how players starting the event when it goes live CAN complete the seasonal objectives, as the Matriarch has a ridiculously low chance to spawn into the game. (Since the start of Beta period 1, i've only managed to encounter her 8 times. Had...
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    Nagant should cross-perk with the Berserker

    Pretty nice that the Sharpshooter has a parrying tool, though the increased gun damage with the bayonet stab seems like something that seems more in line with the Berserker's playstyle tbh. I just can't see a situation where the Sharpshooter will ever want to be within arm's reach with a zed...
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    HRG weapons you wanna see?

    Seems like this is the path Tripwire will go with free content with future updates. With this in mind, what weapons would you want have the HRG treatment? To start off the thread, here are my suggestions HRG Varmint Rifle/Dual HRG Varmints Price: $1125 + $1125 Perk: Gunslinger Rate of Fire...
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    9mm: A compromise between ammo and damage

    Noticing a fair amount of complaints about the 9mm not having enough ammo despite the fact that you can decapitate clots now. Maybe a compromise between damage and ammo is required? 9mm Pistol Perks: Commando, Field Medic, Berserker, Support, Demolitionist, Firebug, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter...
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    Crossover with Red Dead Redemption 2?

    Considering that December will be the year when a certain open world western game already played to death on consoles will finally arrive on PC, i can't help but think it would be prudent for Tripwire Interactive and Rockstar Games to do some cross-promotional content (i.e: Throwing Hatchets for...
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    Beta weapon impressions

    Incoming copy-paste of the exact same thread i made on Steam VLAD-1000 (Rebalanced) It's actually servicable on the Berserker and even better on Support. I dunno how to feel about its performance on Support to the point where I still question whether or not the VLAD should be a cross-perk...
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    My thoughts on the beta weapons

    Wrong section. Mods pls deletr
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    Abomination: Grenade swallowing, Berserker specific mechanic

    Whenever the Abomination appears in a game, the Berserker is often a wasted slot. Perhaps it would be worth it for the boss to have mechanics specific to the Berserker perk? Abomination This change will benefit the Zerker the most, but i can also see it being useful for everyone else. What if...
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    Resistance buff suggestion: Increased likelihood of getting targeted

    The biggest pet peeve I have as a Berserker is the lack of an aggro mechanic in the game, as if zed targeting is merely just a random number generator. While this RNG can lead to some hilarious situations such as a Fleshpound standing perfectly still as he eats a full pulverizer mag (Can't path...
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    Multiple performance issues on a capable PC

    Okay, maybe not multiple, but two really big ones that are killing my enjoyment for the game: Random performance stutters Really high ping Specs: AMD FX-6300 8GB DDR3 EVGA GTX 1060 3GB Steps to mitigate issues: Closed all programs asides from Steam, KF2 and SuperF4 (A dedicated task killer)...
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    Fallback + Close Combat Training: Increase 9mm ammo instead of damage

    After extensive testing of the 9mm with Commando's fallback skill, it seems to me that the damage boost is more about compensating for terrible aim than it is about actually making the 9mm a viable sidearm a la the HMTECH-101 Medic Pistol, especially when the 9mm already deals similar damage to...
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    Which weapons do YOU think should have alternate variations?

    Those who have watched the Back n' Kickin' Brass trailer probably noticed that there was a Support icon above the .500 Magnum, a Medic icon above the Freezethrower and SWAT icon above the VLAD, hinting at alternate versions of weapons we already have, so... Let's come up with ideas for what we...
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    Field Medic: Extra Dosh per Heal as a passive

    While i understand that the Medic's job is to heal, the way dosh is currently rewarded favours heavily towards who has the biggest body count, whereas the maximum bounty for a single medic dart is the equivalent of killing a Clot. From my personal experience, the way Dosh is currently...
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    [Hemoclobber] Can't use heavy attack when sprinting, cannot queue up heavy attacks

    Steps to reproduce: Have an empty magazine AND 0 ammo units in your ammo reserve. When you have no ammo on the Hemoclobber, sprinting prevents you from using the heavy attack. You also can't hold down the Aim Down Sights button to queue up your next heavy attack in the middle of a heavy attack...
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    Versus Mode: Replace "VS Survival" with "VS Boss Rotation"

    The current implementation of Versus is just plain bad, and I don't even know if it CAN be fixed. Maybe this would be a good replacement? VS Boss Rotation Player levels are overridden during this mode (If you're not level 25, then your level will be bumped up just for this game mode). You can...
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    [Objective Mode] Transport objectives CAN disappear, causing waves to be unwinnable

    While I haven't experienced this issue myself, I have been hearing people talk about a player's death causing objectives to vanish. This prevents the relevant wave(s) from ever being finished.