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    Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder beta 1 (v.1094) is now live.

    Its what i think too as admin they enter first cheat code and then sharing the weps.
  2. M

    Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder beta 1 (v.1094) is now live.

    I enter in some preview servers, and see that they have blunder and the glock, apart of the all new skins retrog etc. How they do that, cos im on ingame not from beginning, so doesnt work give weapon command.
  3. M

    Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder beta 1 (v.1094) is now live.

    I think that u didn't test well all that weps. The kaboom its useful for zerker if upgraded to lvl 2, and i killed lots of sc and fps stumbling and then making head critics with it as combo hits. On case of new zerker wep Tesla, i think that u have a bad concept of a glass canon wep for zerker...
  4. M

    Summer Sideshow opt-in beta for next week ?

    Yaiii, streaming though (ODiN Youtube), thx.
  5. M

    Summer Sideshow opt-in beta for next week ?

    Hi there. Guess that next week we'll have the Beta 1 ready to go right ?. But for now we don't have a summer new map out of workshop Merc, as a clue that summer event its coming at the corner.
  6. M

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    Steampunk better than Pirates looks.
  7. M

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    All its speculation until we got in our hands a copy of it. About ppl saying when handing a zerker wep... the hemo HRG its for specifically zerker, cos more ASP% and can tank vs 5 inrage fps (not qfp apart) using wisely the special attack and the rounds/mag left obv. About the robocop glock i...
  8. M

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    IDK if you noticed but the blunderbuss where at KF 2009 with other name and design but with same function. When the summer beta will release ?
  9. M

    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    " Weapons: Riot Shield & Glock 18 Fixed an issue with bullet tracers not being properly aligned. Fixed an issue which caused an incorrect fire rate for single fire mode. Mosin Nagant Fixed an issue which caused inconsistent damage when stabbing a Zed. Corrected the weapon stats displayed in...
  10. M

    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    Pardon me ?, since when i can obtain riot and glock when cant have it till beta ends ?. Unless using in offline or workshop server public.
  11. M

    A samhein celebration music track for when ?

    Hi there, since we are in Halloween month and event, im having some strong nostalgy about A Samhein Celebration (monster masquerade some ppl calls it) from Halloween 2018 main menu theme and trader time. When you will release it cos evne Twisted Christmas 2018 aint integrated at official OST game.
  12. M

    Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Update Is Now Live!

    Well that they dnt comment on this thread that during the whole day will deploy the new stuff, when should release all promised stuff cos they had time for that (a crew doing taht during months till now).
  13. M

    Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Update Is Now Live!

    Yaiiii time to buy dlcs and other stuff. Happy hunt and Halloween to all ! PD: The new features and skins aint allowed yet.... whats going on here ?.
  14. M

    Halloween 2019 release time ?

    Hi there, So when will release the official and full Halloween event TW ?. Need to do some supports/donations about new dlcs and other stuff and apart, enjoying the incoming the new event for this.... week maybe ? (Yaiii Samhein track playing while XD).
  15. M

    Original Nailgun with Beserker seems off

    It seems for you but its not. Rest of comments about theories and "seems" this or that, will be only speculation cos not playing well that players (affected suposely) and using the recommended weight as zerker. Pardon ?. Zerker has MS% for each level upgraded, like Commando the ZedTime...
  16. M

    So Christmas event when will release ?

    AS at the subject at top says: the data release please ?, becasue we are at 4th December, Christmas month we are. The last suposely beta its from 27 applied. Other games are in Christmas mode right now from 2nd Dec. Hope worth the long waiting doing a second beta when at 1st almost all isues...
  17. M

    Fresh Halloween update, fresh loads of crashes everywhere

    Hi all, Happy halloween event game for all whos not having this classic crash message. Im not enjoying it and lots of my friendslist either because, when at main game site, we press to Options or Inventory and crashes with bugsplats window. This happening all time. Other of my friends dsnt...
  18. M

    KF Where is my recently thread ?

    Hi, i maked a thread asking for doom2 newbie final v1 and some other stuff. I wnet to my profiole and i dnt ahve any posts, this was maked on like 4Pm or 3PM ( im from Spain ).