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    The mod version's wiki page

    We shall discuss it here, with all the criticism I can think of about how poorly typed it is grammatically and structurally. Being full of opinions, biases, and just plain jokes, aswell as being very poorly written grammatically, I think somone should fix it. I'll start trying myself, but it...
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    Fix headshot hitboxes!

    As anyone who's play a large amount of time as sharp shooter knows, the headshot hitboxes do not align with the model or animations. For example, you have to shoot at a clots neck, or next to a gorefast's head. Over a stalker, infront of a crawler, to the side of a flesh pound or bloat when...
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    Files are to fragmented to de-frag?

    I've been getting weird issues latley, so I decided to run a defrag on kf. It kinda froze for a few seconds, then it stopped, saying my files were too fragmented to run a defrag through steam. I have to run it through the system. My problem is that I've never ran a system defrag before, so how...