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  1. LolzMan1325

    Santa's Workshop doesn't play in survival/objective mode properly

    Since this map acts different than the other objective modes, it has a bit of an issue this update, which I discovered last night. Category: code Reproducibility: always Summary: Santa's Workshop doesn't adjust its layout and progression properly between game modes Online/Offline: both...
  2. LolzMan1325

    SLI pulsating framerate?

    when i run KF2 with SLI (not one card dedicated to physx since FLeX is still broken and runs like garbage), the framerate will pulsate. It'll go between 40 and 60 in regular intervals, seemingly never evening out. Is anyone else having this issue? EDIT: scratch that, vertical sync needs to be...
  3. LolzMan1325

    [v1081] crafted standard crow-hawk, got precious variant

    in crafting some steampunk tickets i got from last year, i got a few of the new items, one of which was the standard variant of the crow-hawk mask, like so: it appears this way when the crafting complete notification popped up, and appears like this in my steam inventory. in-game, however, it...
  4. LolzMan1325

    [v1080] d.a.r. armor not showing in first person

    pretty simple issue: in the gear menu i have the "bloody" standard D.A.R. armor equipped, but in the game, the first person arms appear as if i don't have any armor equipped at all, like so: this was in an online game, but after some testing, i can confirm this not only happens offline, but...
  5. LolzMan1325

    [v1080] trader compass points to rocket, but is actually elsewhere

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: On the 6th wave of Steam Fortress in Survival, the trader compass will point to the rocket, however the actual trader will be located somewhere else. Description: This was on a Medium Suicidal game. Before, the bug was that the elevator door...
  6. LolzMan1325

    new objective mode gives me ideas on making endless more different

    In objective mode, there's a new objective where players have to defend an area until a timer expires, and I think the fact alone that the game can have a feature like this now gives me an idea on how to essentially make endless truly endless, instead of merely survival except with 255 waves and...
  7. LolzMan1325

    why do hans & patty get speed boosts when 1 player remains?

    I was doing some research on the KF2 Stats Spreadsheet and I came across this information that I never knew existed: Knowing this new information, I have to ask, what's actually the point to this? So many problems arise from this major hidden stat change. Is it not enough that the last player...
  8. LolzMan1325

    [v1080 beta] zeds can block new battering ram and avoid knockdown

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes Summary: zeds can block a player performing battering ram and not get knocked down Description: In the first beta, battering ram was reworked slightly to deal some bludgeon damage while also knocking them down like before. It seems that on higher...
  9. LolzMan1325

    not being able to use weapons is already a big penalty for holding h-pads/gears

    In the 5-6 objective mode games i've played so far, picking up the h-pads/gears and being slowed down always seems like too harsh a penalty. Especially with so few players, it's already bad enough that you can't use your guns while holding it. It almost feels like padding just to make the game...
  10. LolzMan1325

    have the road redeemer be an ammo-less version of the hemoclobber

    Consensus is the Road Redeemer is bad. It's basically a worse version of the Katana--while it does the same damage it's brought down by 2 things: slightly slower swinging speed & bludgeon versus slashing. I won't go into the science as to why this changes the weapon completely, and it's much...
  11. LolzMan1325

    why you should be able to change the game length in objective mode

    The thing about objective mode's game length being set in stone is that if you fail late in the game, you have to do all of Thatâ„¢ again. Unfortunately most people aren't up to spend another 30-minutes or so to get back to where they were, especially if it's the same map. What confuses me is...
  12. LolzMan1325

    [v1079 beta] characters take an abnormally long time to load/cause lag spike

    I refreshed (that is deleted & had the game remake) my configs just to make sure it wasn't me, but it seems in the v1079 beta, when you or someone else selects a character that the game hasn't loaded yet, it'll cause a substantial lag spike for about 1 second. Additionally, sometimes upon first...
  13. LolzMan1325

    soft reset? (choosing the same map doesn't have another loading screen)

    unsure if this would be possible within the game, but it'd be a nice QoL thing where if your team chooses to retry a map when the selection screen comes up, the game will just reset the map rather than reload it entirely, making it so players don't have to sit through another loading screen to...
  14. LolzMan1325

    issues i've encountered with a handful of cyberpunk cosmetics

    here i'll keep a short list of a few bugs i've encountered with cyberpunk cosmetics, most notably the new ones. armor hood and scy-fy hood textures are too washed out, the original workshop pages depict them being much more saturated (Armor Hood, Scy-Fy Hood) holo armband A and C icons are...
  15. LolzMan1325

    scy-fy hoods are too bright (compared to original workshop item)

    on the original workshop page, the scy-fy hoods appear like this: while in-game, they appear like this: it looks like there might be an issue with their specular map? as in it's reflecting too much light when it shouldn't be so it appears brighter EDIT: I made a small texture mod that...
  16. LolzMan1325

    QoL change for toggle sprint: crouch overrides sprint

    a problem i had a lot with toggle sprint (done via console commands before the checkbox was implemented) is that while you're sprinting, you can't crouch until you press the sprint button again. seems like a meager issue, but especially in instances against the king fleshpound, you need to be...
  17. LolzMan1325

    i just realized something might be wrong with one of the slasher's hit reactions

    -nvm just realized how stupid i am-
  18. LolzMan1325

    [v1076 beta] solo map selection menu jitters

    when you open up the map selection menu when starting a solo game, scrolling sometimes causes the menu to jitter, making it very annoying to select maps at the bottom of the list. i do have a handful of custom maps, maybe it's freaking out because of those?
  19. LolzMan1325

    [v1076 beta] "toggle sprint" option disables sprint entirely

    nvm, it was an issue on my end with my modified kfinput.ini. sorry!
  20. LolzMan1325

    M32 pulls a doomstick (can be heard from anywhere)

    The firing sound for the M32 has the same issue the doomstick once had in that it has no attenuation in 3rd person so you hear it at full volume regardless of your distance from it, even if it's across the map.