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  1. simplecat

    v1.094 Inconsistent damage of Blunderbuss' cannon ball explosion

    Category: Code Summary: Description: Quite often Blunderbuss cannonball explodes without doing any damage, neither to you or ZEDs. Its damage scale is also changes randomly if like you or a ZED were behind the cover / only partially exposed to an explosion. I'm only talking about rolling...
  2. simplecat

    v1.094 "Full Of Doubloons" objective

    (Getting 75000 Dosh on Desolation) is only updates itself by the end of the game. You'd either have to beat the game or die trying. Quitting mid game will not refresh the counter. This makes it hard to earn dosh on Endless games unless you (solo) or your whole team (co-op) die.
  3. simplecat

    v1.094 Collectibles on Desolation map

    Correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understand on Desolation map you can only see collectibles when generator is turned on. When power is off you can still see projector's base and you can still shoot it but it will not emit blue Horzine logo (which makes it easier for you to spot one)...
  4. simplecat

    v1.094 Support's Tight Choke affects pellet spread of HRG Kaboomstick

    Not much to add. Also, i think it has a bit too much spread IMO.
  5. simplecat

    v1.094 Blunderbuss cannon ball can collide with the same target multiple times

    Category: Code Summary: Its cannon ball can hit same target multiple times if it ricochets towards it. Mostly happens with bloats but occasionally i had this happening with Scrakes and Fleshpounds too. You'd have to hold fire button to avoid explosion. Edit: i haven't figured why exactly this...
  6. simplecat

    Firebug's Pyromaniac doesn't apply at the shot that triggers ZED Time

    Category: Code. Summary: Would it be possible to rework Firebug's GetZedTimeModifier so it could work like Support's version? Right now when you trigger ZED Time with Dragonsbreath or Microwave's alt-fire it will not apply ZED Time Resistance on exact same shots, they'll be slowed down until...
  7. simplecat

    Dragonsbreath and Spitfire penetration and how it affects Residual Flames spawned by these

    Category: Code Summary: Even if ZED has more penetration resistance than penetration power of these weapons, their projectiles will still pass through and will spawn Residual Flames somewhere but not on this ZED's location. Example: You're a Firebug and using Dragonsbreath against Scrake...
  8. simplecat

    Upgrades do not affect Incendiary Rifle's grenade damage

    Simple as that. They do affect bullet damage (and hence its DOT) and impact damage of incendiary M203 but not its explosive damage. Edit: That's because in KFProj_Grenade_HRGIncendiaryRifle.uc in function PrepareExplosionTemplate() it only sets visuals for fire effects depending on presense of...
  9. simplecat

    Survivalist perk does not have secondary XP objective

    Category: Code. Summary: Despite the tooltip telling "Killing Clots with any weapons" it does not actually give any xp. The responsible code is just missing, all of it. Description: Nothing really in Survivalist's class telling that it should be getting xp for killing Clots. Its...
  10. simplecat

    ZED's AI settings for evade / block threats need update

    Category: Code. Summary: Each ZED has its own list of threats to evade or block (stored in their ai controller classes). This list hasn't been updated for a while. For example Scrake only blocks when being aimed at with the original 4 or Sharpshooter's weapons but ignore m99 or spx464. This...
  11. simplecat

    Second FN FAL | Jaeger | Dynamic keeps re-appearing in inventory

    I know its not a big deal, but its really annoying. I've already asked support for a few times and they were kindly removing it but it seems it just keeps reappearing in my inventory every time i launch the game. Would it be possible to make it craftable so i could get rid of the dupe for good?
  12. simplecat

    Fire FX is no longer properly attached to the ZED's body

    Rather flies around like a little fairy. Christmas is all about magic, isn't? Might as well affect other emitters.
  13. simplecat

    Seeker Six free fire mode

    Doesn't really have any advantages over the lock on mode - it has much more recoil and slightly slower ROF. The only benefit i can think of is being able to shoot at ZED's heads while ADSing but then again it has too much recoil so it's much better just to hipfire it in lock mode instead. I'm...
  14. simplecat

    Bone Crusher doesn't block Matriarch's ranged attacks

    You might've forgotten to add them into the list of block-able types or it might be intended, no idea. So this is more like a suggestion - would it be possible for Bone Crusher to add an ability to block Matriarch's plasma cannon and tesla blast attacks. Or even King Fleshpound's chest beam...
  15. simplecat

    Minor rounding error in calculation of damage to health of armored ZEDs

    Yeah, i know, this is like super important and totally game breaking bug :D Category: Code Version: All, beta and release Summary: There is small rounding error (1 point, maybe 2 at most) when armored ZED takes health damage from certain damage types. It doesn't matter if ZED's currently...
  16. simplecat

    HMTech-501's grenades (and regular grenades too) do not collide with Fleshpound's head hitzone

    Category: Code?, Hitzones Version: christmas beta 1, can't tell if that happens in released version Summary: Description: HMTech-501's grenades and all regular perk grenades (1/2 stick of dynamite, frag grenade etc...) do not collide with King FPs and FPs heads at all. They just pass through...
  17. simplecat

    beta 1: ZED's armor and excessive damage

    Category: Code (christmas beta 1 only). Summary: Excessive damage (damage that is left after destroying piece of ZED's armor) is no longer transfered to the hitzone protected by this armor piece but instead goes to the ZED's body health. Example: EDAR's chest has 67 armor points and 150...
  18. simplecat

    Health bars overlap with names + Skip Trader button does not work

    1: FriendlyHudScale of 0.65 on screenshots. Its OK for scale of 1 but as you lower the value the health overlaps with player's name more and more. 2. Request skip trader button does not work. I think it actually worked in beta 2 but not anymore.
  19. simplecat

    Ion Thruster does not get Berserker's damage bonuses for its DOT

    Category: Code Summary: Every attack of the Ion Thruster sets ZEDs on fire. Damage per tick do not get bonuses from Berserker's skills, even though it looks like it supposed to. Description: Despite that it clearly states that DOT damage type is on-perk (KFDT_Fire_IonThrusterDoT...
  20. simplecat

    Specific spot on Nuked related to ZED spawning

    Category: Spawning. Summary: If you stay at this specific spot ZEDs will only come to you from one direction using only one spawning volume. As you can see they'll never attack you from behind even though there is a couple of spawning points nearby -two behind the bus that has "Evacuation"...