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  1. Mahnsikir

    Fat Princess

    Fun looking team/class based lady snatching game is out today on PSN (
  2. Mahnsikir

    Look Behind You A Three-Headed Monkey!

    As if the folks at LucasArts had been reading myself & Ralft3r's conversation the other day and remembered how awesome monkey island was, they've announced a remake of the original with redone graphics and voice acting. Also announced is a new mini series (like the new sam & max) that will be 5...
  3. Mahnsikir

    Happy 10th Birthday to Halflife

    Today (well 19th of Nov) is ten years since the release of Halflife and I think its a testament to its lasting quality that even after 10 iterations of the GeForce gpus and many many more times the amount of processing power that it still stands up as a great game by today's standards, is...
  4. Mahnsikir

    Need Some PC Help

    Hey guys having a pretty major problem with my PC atm. Im either having a crash when loading up a game or its acting weirdly and then crashing randomly. For instance TF2 mostly crashes on loading up a level or on the occassion it gets past this it loads up but the contrast is extremely...
  5. Mahnsikir

    Two Worlds

    Just found out that on steam this weekend its only $10, not sure how good it is (downloading atm) but it seems to be along the same kinda of lines as the elderscrolls games but more arcadey fighting. EDIT: read some reviews and seems its a bit average in gameplay and setting but with an epic...
  6. Mahnsikir

    The science of love

    Nice little editorial from the bbc website How to make better decisions and i thought who needs this more than us, a bunch of people who lounge around on internet forums ;) "Suppose you were sitting in the pub, while sneaking peeks at a beautiful woman sitting at the bar. What do you think...
  7. Mahnsikir

    C&C + IPX + Vista = Fail

    Ive got a bit of a problem, me and my flat mate have been trying to play either Red Alert 2 or Tiberian Sun multiplayer over the last few days and before when I had an XP pc it was fine as we could use IPX for LAN play but with vista there is no support for IPX. I have used a program to enable...
  8. Mahnsikir

    Channel 4 at 25 free on 4oD

    http://www.channel4.com/4od/index.html Just to let everyone know that for channel 4's 25th anniversary their on-demand internet service has a lot of free shows to stream and (temporally) download until the 18th of November, so its a great chance to catch up on all those shows that you may have...
  9. Mahnsikir

    New Laptop?

    Right im looking at getting a new laptop with a buget of about
  10. Mahnsikir

    End of Uni! It's Drinking Time!!!

    Right so I just had my last uni exam today so that's me off till September :D ahaha. But this isn't a thread to gloat ohnono, much more serious... As a student I've had some pretty bad things to drink (and eat:rolleyes: ) but i think its time at least for the next few days to celebrate the...