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    Anyone using the 163.xx drivers?

    Had loaded them up to play Bioshock and fired up RO today after about two weeks away. Got hit with steam updated which even after restarting steam wouldn't let me launch RO (no error just never launched). Rebooted whole system (when in doubt...) and RO now launches. But the Nvidia 8800 vid...
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    RO weirdness, are the following map bugs or rare standard bugs?

    Been playing a lots of Gorlitz map lately and some weird stuff popped up. Was wondering if it's some general RO weirdness I haven't seen before or map related. Can't crawl bug - All of a sudden you can't crawl anymore, forward, backwards sideways nothing works even on clear ground. Getting...
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    Beach Assault II and bugged 88s

    Anyone know what's with the Beach Assult II map and the 88s? You can blow them before central bunker is capped and they do blow, but don't show up on the map. Once that happens you can never get the map to register the destruction. I had thought it only happened rarely when maybe the...
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    MG deploy, why it hates me and doesn't want to deploy.

    More of a game mechanics question other than tactics but just what are the quirks of deploying the MG and anyway to reduce them. You know the problem, MG not deploying on a surface you KNOW works (as you've done it there before) but it just won't do it. After four attempts deploying, the guy...
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    So how come the instant eject from tanks/ACs never got fixed (gamey gameplay).

    http://www.redorchestragame.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5321&page=3&highlight=disembark Was just searching the forums about the prob (as I'm new as of Christmas) and saw this has been around for ages. At the time of the thread they thought it would be 'fixed' fairly soon but that was ages ago...