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  1. Souperintendent

    Killing Floor 2 and Feature Creep

    Last year, TripWire announced that they’d spend 2019 with less of a focus on content and more of a focus on fixing gameplay and balance issues with Killing Floor 2. This was desperately what the game needed, but not exactly what it received. A lot of big issues were fixed, but many still left...
  2. Souperintendent

    Give a warning for Stand Your Ground during the trader round

    So, adding a visible objective marker for SYG to show its location was a good change, since gives a clearer idea of where the game is telling you to go. But it's been over a year and I don't understand why it's considered fun to suddenly spawn a SYG objective across the map with no warning and...
  3. Souperintendent

    Did Zeds get quieter?

    I've had the same pair of headphones for almost two years now, and with them I've been able to hear fairly easily when Zeds were coming because I could hear their footsteps and other noises. Recently, though, Zeds are almost completely silent. There's no footstep noises, and the other noises...
  4. Souperintendent

    How to upload a custom soundtrack mod?

    I recently finished putting together a custom soundtrack mod, and would like to upload it to the Steam Workshop as a few other people have done with theirs, but I can't figure out how to do so with the Workshop Uploader. Since it's not a map or a mutator or something compiled in the SDK, but...
  5. Souperintendent

    Better Anti-aliasing?

    Is there any possible way to use MSAA or something in Killing Floor 2? I remember using a fix to enable it a year or more ago, but I've heard that it's no longer possible? FXAA just isn't enough. It's especially annoying because sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not flickering pixels are...
  6. Souperintendent

    Enemies in the Trader round?

    I was soloing Catacombs on Hard earlier and the enemy count or something got screwed up. There were five or so enemies (three Crawlers and two Clots) in the Trader round, and later on there were two Gorefasts when it said there was 1 enemy remaining. Here's some screenshots...
  7. Souperintendent

    Trader causes the game to crash

    Inconsistently, the Trader will cause my game to crash. Not in any predictable way, just when going to the trader or leaving the trader, I'll crash to the desktop and get a BugSplat error report window. It's happened several times now. I'll occasionally be brought to a webpage that says "This...
  8. Souperintendent

    Mysterious disembodied flame?

    What manner of man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder? http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/420313597239133987/584B63B0CA9A0D1E7E785E6BB5443A7B4C298A47/ Came across this today in a server, populated by only my friend and me, both Firebugs.
  9. Souperintendent

    RS It only took forever... But I got the Level 50 M1911!

    http://i.imgur.com/BS745nB.jpg Someone tell me why the pistols are harder to level up than bolt action rifles... Ah well, looks beautiful!
  10. Souperintendent

    RO2 [RS] Pistol Level Progression Needs Tweaking

    Bolt-action rifles level up faster than pistols. Given that pistols are harder to earn kills with (lower damage, shorter range, small magazines, and in the C96's case, no reloading), I don't know why this is. As someone trying to get most of my weapons to Level 50, the grind for pistols is...
  11. Souperintendent

    KF I organized the Weapon Damage Table

    <a href="http://kf-wiki.com/wiki/Weapon_damage_table" target="_blank">http://kf-wiki.com/wiki/Weapon_damage_table Been using this for a bit, but couldn't stand how it was organized. Before it was just "Melee Weapons" and then "Other," that "other" being all the guns. So you had a nice short...
  12. Souperintendent

    RO2 How to play Realism Mode for Singleplayer?

    I can't find out how to play singleplayer in Realism mode. Is that not an option? I'd hope not, because I prefer realism mode, and find it a bit offputting when I send a [COLOR=#0066cc][COLOR=white]7.92
  13. Souperintendent

    Will KF2 retain the original's hardware accessibility?

    I ask this because the game runs great on my Lenovo X220, unlike many other games I'd like to play. It looks great, too, which is astounding. Few games can both look and play great on this thing. Granted this will be a nonissue in the near future; I'm building a more suitable gaming PC that'll...
  14. Souperintendent

    RO2 BUG - MKB 42 1.5x Scope: Black Lines Disappear

    I got my MKB to Level 50 after a painful grind on Countdown, but I consistently get a bug with the black lines on the scope: they disappear completely. It only seems to happen when I use the Zoom/Focus button (the one that doubles as Sprint). It doesn't always happen, but after a long enough...
  15. Souperintendent

    RS Weapon Upgrades?

    Does anyone have a list of weapon upgrades/unlocks? I can't find one anywhere.
  16. Souperintendent

    RS Thank You Tripwire!

    My first Tripwire game was Killing Floor. Got it a few years ago, a very big fan of it, and have over 100 hours played as of last weekend. Last year I saw advertisements for Red Orchestra 2 on KF. I looked at it, and thought that it was a cool game. I got it, but found out that it was way more...
  17. Souperintendent

    [How Do I?] Get the "Not a War-hammer" Achievement?

    I've mined so much stuff and haven't gotten it. What is "accumulated gold" anyways? Never mind, I mystically got it...
  18. Souperintendent

    Really Laggy, Even on Lowest Settings?

    Hello, I recently purchased the game, but it's really laggy, especially in the first level of Single Player. My system specs seem good, so what's wrong? Thanks! Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620 CPU @2.70 GHz 2.70 GHz RAM: 4.00 GB (3.89 GB usable) System Type: 64-bit Operating...
  19. Souperintendent

    Always Bring Up Perk Select Before Spawn

    Okay, I can't stress enough how annoying it is to go into a game when the Trader is open, and you can't select your perk or your character before you spawn. It just plops you in there. I couldn't pick my Firebug perk before I spawned, so I didn't spawn with my armor or my Mac-10 on WAVE 8, and I...
  20. Souperintendent

    Character Renders?

    I've seen people with signatures of rendered characters from the game, but how? How do you get a render of someone? I want to get a render of Adam Butler (the guy in my avatar) but don't know how. What do I do?