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  1. MC23

    Night visor for SWAT and more achievements

    Please, one of the things I loved most about KF1 were the challenging achievements. KF2 is just about finishing the map in different difficulties and ranking with different perks. Also, show colored icons reflecting player's health status, as a medic I always have to press tab and locate the...
  2. MC23

    Game keeps crashing when joining a server after I disconnected from previous one

    Hey everyone, as the title says the game crashes every time I leave a game and then join another. I've already tried to verify game integrity and it didn't work, I've also uninstalled the game (using Revo Uninstaller to be sure to remove everything) and reinstalled, but the problem persists...
  3. MC23

    Quick heal teammates when you're close to them by long pressing the "use" key

    Quick heal teammates when you're close to them by long pressing the "use" key This should work in a similar way to the welder when you're close to a door, so you just keep E key pressed and heal the teammate you're close to. Of course this would cause some problems for perks like Support/Demo...
  4. MC23

    [AUDIO PROBLEM] Background buzz sounds when using speakers

    Hello, I'm having this problem when playing KF2 and using speakers. This occurs only when I play KF2. I have one speaker (Prodipe Pro 8) connected to Scarlett 2i2 sound card, which is connected to the computer via USB. The buzz persists not only if I disable every KF2 sound in audio settings...
  5. MC23

    [GLITCH] Double 9mm fast reload

    Hello, many of you know that if you aim as soon as the mag is inside the weapon you can save milliseconds by interrupting the animation. This also applies to double 9mm: when I reload only one of the 2 9mms, if I aim I'll have 30 bullets (instead of 15+second pistol's ones). For players this is...
  6. MC23

    Few questions about Test Maps and Mutators

    Hello everyone! I've finally maxed all perks and started play HoE, problem is I'd like to test damages of weapons on each zed. I've seen that Test Map is finally blacklisted so I can test my weapons on zeds, but I don't know how to install this mutator that allows you to see damage on screen...
  7. MC23

    Keybindings and freecam

    Hello, I've binded autoheal to MMB and iron sight (hold) to RMB and now it seems I can't use these key when I die (MMB and RMB don't work to change camera) Any possible solution? Thanks!