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  1. RandomPerson78642

    Editing the Customization System

    So currently, adding to or editing the customization menu is impossible. In order to be able to edit the customization options, we need to modify a class called ROPawnHandler. The problem is, all the files that actually use that class, are hardcoded to use the original, not any modified...
  2. RandomPerson78642

    VNTE-ReclaimingHue (ARVN + driveable M113)

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=971364063 Just something I did for fun, it'll be removed once the official ARVN update comes out.
  3. RandomPerson78642

    Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - SOG & 5th SFG

    The second substantial weapon/character mod I'm making, it adds the MACV SOG and 5th Special Forces Group to the game. WIP screenshots: - - - The script will have a MapInfo so mappers can add them to their maps, and a Mutator so people can enable them on any map if they want.
  4. RandomPerson78642

    City maps

    Can we please not have 100% of all maps pure jungle? I know it's a staple of the genre, but Vietnam had cities too. The last game that featured a Vietnamese city was Battlefield Vietnam, from freaking 2004. Wouldn't it be amazing to lead the ARVN through the ruins of Quang Tri, or...
  5. RandomPerson78642

    RS Rising Storm Singapore (Desert Rats V2)

    Steam Group Follow two new factions Britain and Australia in their fight against the Japanese Empire in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia, and others. Images Links Steam Workshop (Recommended) Moddb (Alternate)
  6. RandomPerson78642


    I really hope they'll be in this game when it finally comes out in several years, South Vietnam is so underrepresented. If they're not, I swear I'll be the first to mod them in! :D
  7. RandomPerson78642

    RS Symmetrical Warfare

    This mutator removes the asymmetrical aspect of Rising Storm in favor of the even style of Red Orchestra 2. -Automatic Rifleman has been replaced with Semi-Auto Rifleman (M1 Garand) -Assault has been replaced with Semi-Auto Rifleman (Type 4 Rifle) -Light Mortar has been replaced with Type...
  8. RandomPerson78642

    Khalkhin Gol

    Here's a quick thing I banged out over the weekend: Rising Storm Japanese vs the Red Orchestra 2 Soviets. Completely playable, but not fully finished yet. The weapons are borky and there's still some unreplaced US art.
  9. RandomPerson78642

    Posed Player Plus

    What is Posed Player? It is an actor that you can place on your map which will spawn a Pawn of either side in that place, holding a weapon of your choosing, in the first frame of whatever animation you pick. Originally it was intended for performance debugging, but it is incredibly useful for...
  10. RandomPerson78642

    RO2 on Github

    I've uploaded the full source code to my Beta SNLF mutator: https://github.com/SergerantJoe/BetaSNLF I'll also be uploading Desert Rats, Pacific Armor, Symmetrical Warfare, Cambodian Incursion, all of them. I highly encourage you guys to do it too. It'll help keep things organized, track any...
  11. RandomPerson78642

    RS Russians vs Americans

    Some guys on Facepunch expressed interest in a Cold War type mod. Now there's an interesting thought. It'll certainly be original as opposed to Americans vs Germans which has been done in literally every game ever. What do you guys think? Yes? No?
  12. RandomPerson78642

    RS Pacific Armor

    Pacific Armor is a modification for Rising Storm that adds vehicles to the existing maps. Inspired by the unfinished Type 95 Ha-Go left in the game files, we have fully restored it and brought it back in-game, as well as a plethora of other unused tanks and vehicle supplements! In the future...
  13. RandomPerson78642

    RS M3 Stuart

    vroom vroom From a static prop to fully animated functional vehicle in just 48 hours. It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to worry about the armor or interior.
  14. RandomPerson78642

    RO2 Secret OST

    So everyone know the RO2 OST has 25 tracks right? Well what I bet you don't know is that there are actually 56 tracks ingame. Subtract 4 morale transitions, 4 objective stingers, 4 victory songs, you get 19 full-on music tracks that were not officially released or even titled. Anyone can get...
  15. RandomPerson78642

    RS Need a decent skeleton for custom models!

    No matter how hard I try I simply cannot get a decent Rising Storm skeleton. Import it with Blender, everything's backwards. Import it with Max, everything's backwards AND the fingers break. How do you guys get a skeleton that can be successfully re-imported without any assetry?
  16. RandomPerson78642

    Custom Map Loading Movies

    It's totally possible, for both official and custom maps. And it doesn't boot you out of online servers either! Although for custom maps you'll have to edit GameInfo.ini, and to have custom tips you need to add them to ROMovies.int.
  17. RandomPerson78642

    Maximizing tank effectiveness!

    It kinda bugged me to see tank commanders only firing one gun at a time, so I wrote a guide on how to be a more effective tanker when it's just you and bots inside the tank. Hopefully this will help people use their tanks a lot more efficiently.
  18. RandomPerson78642

    RO2 Drivable GAZ

    It's back, and actually useable! Kinda buggy, I'll have to make new animations. It's still an edit of the UC though because I don't know how to code.
  19. RandomPerson78642

    Desert Rats (Africa mod)

    Due to lack of contributors we have to close down. I know I tried to remain optimistic at first, but at this point there's just no way. ALL of our 3D artists quit, the others are far too busy, and honestly I've personally lost interest a while ago. Sorry for the dissapointment folks, but...
  20. RandomPerson78642

    RS Portable Radio

    Another example of perfectly good content that was cut from Rising Storm because they ran out of time/money/willpower. It's got everything: code, model, textures, and even voice lines! SoundNodeWave'AUD_RS_VOX_Chatter_Eng_02.CMD_INF_RequestRadio_NOR_1' It doesn't work straight of the box...