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    Game bans for "sexism"?

    Read this on game 'news' site: Killing Floor 2 EULA Lists Sexism As A Bannable Offense Since servers will mostly be player-owned, and who have webadmin(s), can't they ban disruptive players themselves? Is TWI going to go through the hassle of doing this? I wasn't aware this was a problem...
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    New whitelist submissions area?

    Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but where do we submit mutators for whitelisting now? EDIT - Yoshiro: The workshop has not supplanted the existing whitelisting system. That is something we are still looking into. For now the old method of providing me with the files and source along with a...
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    [Question] UZ2 compression?

    Does RO2 support package compression (uz2 in ro1/kf) for redirect? or do people have to download the uncompressed huge files?
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    incentive to run custom?

    so i finally decided to try to run some custom maps on my server. i put the upk in the cookedpcserver dir. added data store to rogame. and added tripwire's redirect to roengine. but doesnt work, and i cant find much more of "how-to" on this site, so if the instructions arent in an easy to find...
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    [Crash] Infinite Loops

    i keep getting these crashes: [49528.98] Critical: appError called: Infinite script recursion (250 calls) detected ROWeap_MG34_LMG_Content TE-Apartments.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.ROWeap_MG34_LMG_Content_444 Function Engine.Weapon:NotifyWeaponFinishedFiring:0000 Script call stack...
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    [Question] Set Time Limits for TE?

    in the rogame.ini, or in webadmin, how do i set the time limit for Territory game mode? tried timelimit=## in [Engine.GameInfo], [ROGame.ROGameInfo] , doesnt seem to do anything. also, bdisabletimelimit=true screws up all the other timings (spawn protection, message delays, etc.)
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    Suicide affects?

    Does suiciding (either by choosing a role, or manually) affect the kill/death ratio? Does it subtract from honor?
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    [Solution] Disable Speedhack Detection

    How to disable speedhack detection on your server: ===================== Edit ROGame.ini: Change these Values: [Engine.GameInfo] MaxTimeMargin=0.000000 /** Max interval that client clock is allowed to get ahead of server clock before triggering speed hack detection */ TimeMarginSlack=0.00000...
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    [Error] Stats not saving dynamically.

    Please change the stat system to dynamically update the master stats ini, because whenever i get disconnected from the internet, or disconnect from a server mid-game, none of the kills i made during playing are saved. only times my stats are saved are when i make it to the end of a game without...
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    [Error] Bot TKing removes weapon progress

    when i am kicked from a server for tking bots (not my fault they run in the way) all weapon/class progress i gained is lost. what setting do i change to negate this?
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    Terrain LightMap

    I've been looking all over google for a clear instructions how to make a custom lightmap for terrain, what palette does it need to be? bits? format? everything i try to import and use in "vertexlightmap" makes the whole terrain black.
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    When was the last update?

    see title. because red orchestra 2 has been trying to update for the past 1-2weeks, it says it's only 6.8mb, but it won't show any progress, won't show current download speeds, and doesnt let me in the game. so what was this 6.8mb update that has deprived me of my $60 game? latest date...
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    Odd thing found, maybe new weapon?

    Weapon=(ClassName=KFMod.ZedControlDevice,PickupClassName=KFMod.ZCDPickup,AttachmentClassName=KFMod.ZCDAttachment,FriendlyName=KFMod.ZedControlDevice.ItemName,Description=KFMod.ZedControlDevice.Description,FallbackName="ZCD",FallbackDesc="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full...
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    Plugging a good learning tool:

    Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide i got this a while back (i think right when it came out) and it has been a fantastic tool for learning coding, i'm only a third of the way through, but it helps me in understanding a lot of what is going on in coding...
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    Odd crashlog, thought I'd share...

    so saw my server was down, and this was in the crashlog: ScriptLog: CHOOSEATTACKSERIAL in state CorpseFeeding enemy NONE old enemy NONE CALLING BYTE 33 ScriptLog: CHOOSEATTACKSERIAL in state CorpseFeeding enemy NONE old enemy NONE CALLING BYTE 33 ScriptLog: CHOOSEATTACKSERIAL in state...
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    [Help] Modifiied Rates not Bonused

    modified weapon functionality for m1 garand: simulated function WeaponTick(float dt) { super.WeaponTick(dt); if (MagAmmoRemaining == 1) { KFFire(FireMode[0]).FireAimedAnim = 'aimfirelast'; KFFire(FireMode[0]).FireAnim = 'firelast'; } else if...
  17. R


    hey i ported Danzig from RO, initially i was only using it (and a few other maps) to use with ww2 gungame, but figured i'd spruce it up a bit for regular zed killing. i might put the other ww2 gungame maps to regular kf later on. 6 traders - still trying to make dynamic spawning due to...
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    Set BoneScale XYZ ?

    is it possible to to specify the scale of X Y Z independently in SetBoneScale function? simulated function PostNetBeginPlay() { super.PostNetBeginPlay(); SetBoneScale(1.5,1,2.5,'Magazine'); //trying to change scale of x, y, z separately } -this doesnt work, but shows what i'm trying to do
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    Anyone go to ECCC?

    Hey just got back from Emerald City Comic Con (comic con in seattle) just wondering if anyone else went to it? didn't see any kf cosplay though :(. well, if this game is alive for next year's i'll see if i can throw some things together and do a kf character for that one.
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    [Help] How to add Vet_type to damage?

    so i'm trying to make fieldmedics get equal damage on FF, but their armour keeps absorbing it all: class ffRules extends GameRules; function int NetDamage( int OriginalDamage, int Damage, pawn injured, pawn instigatedBy, vector HitLocation, out vector Momentum, class<DamageType> DamageType ) {...