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    [Game] Faces of War good for MP?

    Im currently playing company of heroes over the lan with my mates now while its undoubtly an awesome multiplayer game there aint that much room for proper tactics, setting up elborate defenses etc i've had my supply routes cut off by 2 engineers:rolleyes: and its the sort of game that rewards...
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    Graphic Card Advice Needed.

    I've just got myself a new computer its a amd 4000+ x2, 2gb ram etc however the only thing im missing is a graphics card, now the card i had in mind was a xfx 8600gt 256 xxx edition for about 150 euro but i was wondering is it worth the extra 180 euro to get a 8800gts for about 330 euro or...
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    No blood splatter?

    Hey i have a problem where i get dismemberment of bodies but no blood splatter :confused: yes i've tried the fix in the faq mindesired....=0 but to no avail any ideas its not a big issue but it'd be nice to have.
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    red-green colour vision deficiencies.

    Hey im just checking if there are many other people who have this condition my brother recently got a health check so he could be passed fit to start work and it turns out he's got red-green colour vision deficiencies. When he got home he made us do a test turns me and my other brother probadly...
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    Empty folders?

    Well i decided to give coding another try but all my folders in the red orchestra folder are empty why is this so.
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    Popcap games $20 a pop you can not be serious!

    Well i opened up steam today and noticed that they were selling popcap games on steam (ie flash games) now i see the $20 tag and i assume its for all them, not too unreasonable so i decide to buy them however its when i click on the icon i learn its for each of them WTF i say are they having a...
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    Semper Fidelis

    [B]Hey anyone bought this game apparently its the big brother of soldner remember that game that showed lots of potential destructable enviroments etc but was buggy and i mean buggy as ****e that it was virtually unplayable(felt like an early beta) apparently the developers felt they should...
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    New aiming system in iron sights.

    Ok i stole this idea from 1944 d-day fAQ section but i think its a pretty realistic idea, at the moment when you go into the ironsights your prefectly lined up so long range shots are simply a matter of putting the tip of the iron sights over the pixel and boom guy is dead a bit simplistic imho...
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    Suggestion for level.

    Ok orel and black july have got me thinking recently why not make a infantry level the size of arad or ogeldow. It could do for the infantry what orel did for tanks atm we have plenty of infantry levels but the firefights all take place at 100 metres max with the exception of tula i think which...
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    who made this map its shows alot of promise only there seems to be no thread here for it i'd love to give feedback only i dont know the maker.
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    Small Review in Sunday Times Culture mag

    Ok this morning i was happily reading the culture mag in the Sunday times paper when what did i see but a review of ro in the games review page, suprised you bet i was, the guy reviewing it obviously liked it because he gave it 5/5 :). Mind you its an extremely short review but hey its bound to...
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    Problems setting up visual studio

    Ok i've followed the wiki instructions with regards to setting up visual studio however when i go to create a new project the option to select dll is greyed out and i can only select static library and console application so naturally i cant...
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    How do i get started?

    Ok i'd like to do some mutators or mods for ro but i dont know where to start, i can use and write basic programs in c++ so actually learning unreal script shouldnt be a problem, so can anyone give me step by step instructions of how to get set up.
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    More severe darkening effect.

    Ok it has recently come to my attention that the darkening effect compared to the bluring is alot less hindering when your being fired at, i heard people say that with the darkening effect they can still shoot accuratly even though the mg is firing at them. Look at the thread (question about...
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    Auto kick idle players feature

    Ok this has been buggin for a while now:mad: today i was playing as allies for a couple of rounds but although the teams had the same number of players the allies always had during every bloody map about 5 people who never picked a class and were just hogging spaces on people who might actually...
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    Historically incurrate ww2 series?

    Hey i've got a question for someone who's very farmiliar with ww2 in europe primarily the western front. Recently i have watched the first few epsiodes of the band of brothers series and i was shocked at how one sided the infantry combat was portrayed in favour of the americans. Frequenltly of...
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    Not sure if people have seen these but i'll throw up the link anyhow pretty fascinating stuff only while i dont understand what the comintator is saying i persume there's heavy propaganda going on here.
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    How not to review a game

    Read this thread its a scream
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    Bridge Level

    Okay i've a question for all you mappers put there is there any one planning to make a bridge level like the one in americas army, not exactly the same obviously but one like it maybe there was a bridge that was fought over a historical stand point that might fit the bill. I know not very...
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    Squad system

    Okay i searched and i didnt find anything covering this in detail. Right heres my idea okay at the moment when you enter the game you pick a weapon enter the game etc. My idea would be instead of choosing a weapon you first of all pick a squad each with lets say maxium between 4-6 men, then you...