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  1. melipone

    Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam

    Just had a look on Steam and its moved up from Very Positive to Overwhelmingly Positive. Credit where credit is due, this must be the best launch of a game in TWI's history, and its not even fully released yet. Hopefully they can maintain the momentum and keep the game relevant for the next few...
  2. melipone

    How to make dedicated server

    From issue tracking ( If enough do this maybe we can help fix the issues
  3. melipone

    Voice Command Wheel Stuck Open - No Keyboard Function

    I searched the bug forum area and couldn't see anything in titles to do with the voice command wheel Category: Code Reproducibility: Unable to reproduce Summary: Couldn't get rid of voice command wheel. Whole keyboard became unresponsive until the end of the game Description: During the buy...
  4. melipone

    Melee Battlegrounds - [Spiritual Successor to cRPG mod for M&B]

    Hi guys. My go-to game has been cRPG mod for Mount and Blade for the last few years. They have been working on their own stand alone game that has now go onto Kickstarter. Check it out:
  5. melipone

    Good Team Leaders

    Lets talk about some of the best team leaders we've seen so far Yesterday I had the pleasure to play with a guy called Panikakha on the 40-1 realism server. He led the allies to victory on Commissars House (captured all objectives), then Fallen Fighters (again total capture twice). People...
  6. melipone

    [Error] Server Browser joins Wrong Server

    Summary - Server Browser joins Wrong Server Category - Server Browser Reproducibility - Can't really reproduce it, it seems random Description - I select the server so it is highlighted, then click Connect. Then I confirm to join (haven't removed those popups yet) by clicking Yes. Then the...
  7. melipone

    Territory Victory Conditions

    Can someone explain exactly what is involved in determining the victor on some territory maps? Just had this scenario: Station Realism. Axis pushed allies all the way back to the last cap but ran out of reinforcements. Allies held on to the last position and killed most of the axis. We had...
  8. melipone


    Showing the number of bots on a server will help people to see at a glance which servers are populated. But it won't do anything to prevent server owners "bumping" their server up as high as they can to get it noticed. We will still have a server list thats full of pure bot servers taking the...
  9. melipone

    Are there too many bot servers?

    This is a poll with simple yes/no options. If you look at my screenshot that lists the top 6 servers at the top of the server list that contain bots on a Friday evening in EU. The servers with the circle next to them all have bots in them and most have hardly any real players and follow the...
  10. melipone

    Which mode do you intend to play the most?

    Just a simple poll with simple options. Don't want to over complicate it, just wondering what people intend to play.
  11. melipone

    Scorched Earth Finals Today *Livestream*

    Ramm Jaeger and Sam Reese will be casting this today at 3pm Eastern/8pm Central European. I figured a discussion thread on GD might be a good idea to get it more exposure. I know theres an old sticky thread and news post but this might get noticed more. I think it will be worth hearing what Ramm...
  12. melipone

    Weather and Inertia

    Been playing Mount & Blade the last few months, and something I really like from that game is their weather, day/night cycles and player inertia systems. You could take the 10 maps we have now and add 4 weather types (clear, fog, rain, snow) and now you have 40 variations. Add 4 times of day and...
  13. melipone

    More Subtle HUD

    Something I would really like to see in the future is a more subtle version of the current HUD. Not realism mode, just the same info but displayed in a less intrusive, more immersive way. When an area is captured I don't want large text in the middle of the screen. There can be an area on the...
  14. melipone

    Zoom Poll

    The overall aim is to see what people think of the current implementation of sight focus/zoom with regular weapons, and if it could be improved using currently available methods. I didn't do more options to try to keep it simple while covering most bases (hopefully). Try to vote for the one that...
  15. melipone

    Lean Bug (causing missed shots?)

    I just noticed this while playing, came here and saw something similar mentioned in another thread but figured it should have its own with some more explanation. Haven't seen it elsewhere, if its known then sorry If you go to crouch and lean to the side then fire, the first shot will go where...
  16. melipone

    Vista Crash

    Hi, trying Vista again but still get BSOD's and now I just got a crash to desktop with this error: Build RedOrchestra_Build_[2005-11-27_10.48] OS: Windows NT 6.0 (Build: 6000) CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2800 MHz with 2046MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (5824) General...
  17. melipone

    Bridge Building Game

    Physics based game I saw posted somewhere else - can't get passed level 5 personally (edit..done it). You basically have to build a structure with a limited budget that is strong enough to allow a certain weight to travel over it. Some screenies: My Level 4 solution Not one of mine :D im a...
  18. melipone

    Shooting When Exhausted

    Something i've noticed is whenever i'm exhausted ingame, even if I get the sights on the target when its swaying around like mad, the gun seems to miss more often than when im not tired/just brought my gun to Iron Sights. Is this because theres some kind of artificial gun accuracy reduction when...
  19. melipone

    RO won't run with new PC

    Can't run RO on my new 'puter. Tried a few different things so far: Tried different graphics card drivers Reinstalled Directx9.0C Deleted RO.ini and user.ini Reinstalled motherboard drivers Verified Cache Deleted Clientregistry.blob Deleted RO and had it download again and reinstall Tried...
  20. melipone

    First question Wrong on Millionaire

    Poor guys..imagine getting the first question wrong on Who Wants to be a Millionaire :D