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    Good link for forumites

    I stumbled upon these today, interesting reads: Possibly a candidate for required reading for any forum or newsgroup.
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    The Lucky Shot! - Now 28 Players

    Hello All: We've updated to 28 players. It's good to see a lot of new faces and a consistently full server during the free week! So keep on coming by, or check us out if you haven't already. We are a teamwork oriented server. Although formally tank and combined arms only maps, I've been...
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    ATTN Server Admins: Please Set "Kick Idlers Time"

    As the title says. What can get irritating on a full server is when one or two players go for more than one round without selecting a class. The idle player is technically not assigned to a team (no class asignment and does not count towards the total number of players for that team), but at...
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    Sound settings

    Just wanted to clarify: What's the difference between 3D Audio and H/W 3D Audio? I assume the H/W means the sound is hardware-dependent, vs. software-dependent for the other? Which would provide the best fps? Also, what is the benefit/drawbacks to using EAX vs. 3D audio. Thanks
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    Crushed! and other oddities...

    So I had a few strange, funny moments tonight... I shot at a stationary BA with the 'faust, and instead of exploding -- must've hit it on the bottom -- the car jumped up into the air, and landed on top of me, killing me.:( Later, On Barashka, I drove a T34 across the river by the peninsula...
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    Looking for a clan/squad

    Hey all! Just looking to join up with a group of players for nights/weekends. I've been playing on the pubs since the game was released, but I'd like to take it to the next level -- playing regularly with others who enjoy communication and playing as a team. I'm in my late 20's and live in...
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    Another tanking whine

    Sheesh, it was like I was playing with a bunch of snotty 10-year olds tonight or something. No, scratch that. 10-year olds probably would act more mature... I have the {TT} tag on. Sometimes I'll tank solo, sometimes I'll look to tank with others, either way is fine for me. I don't try to...
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    Stupid Bot Tricks

    I was playing on Konigsplatz tonight as the Russians with a mix of Bots and Humans. I witnessed at least 3 times a Russian saper bot placing a satchel on a human-controlled Russian tank and running off!! I couldn't stop laughing -- it was the same driver each time. It's like the bot decided...