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    looking for west coast based KF/RO clan

    experienced team player here. looking to make baddies dance with an MG34 or a bullpup.
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    whered my fav insult go?

    As a bobby. You furry no knickers b*****s he doesnt say it anymore :(
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    Late night infomercials

    its 2:30 am and I am on the nice side of 1,5 liters of wine unfortuneatly I am out of alc and since America has no good public transit and not wishing to drive while drunk off me arse to get more booze I am stuck. Anyways as I sit on my PC the tv is playing something about Jeff Halls internet...
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    1/6th Dragon and DD

    anyone collect? kitbash and all that? I post some of my crap in history section
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    Pure Pwnage

    I usually hate pure tank maps. But I downloaded the followup to shiessbunker. Played it for an hour. getting used to silouhettes at various ranges, but most importantly I used the sight range finder for the first time. Til now I used SWAG for my shooting and just aimed where I felt like it. I...
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    More FPS problems/directx?

    Ok so on thurs I installed a new game. It decides it wants to monkey with my directx and installs it. So I go to play ro that night. After 20 minutes my fps goes to 9 and on map change my curser is frozen after the map loads for a minute. So I monkeyed around with settings here defragged and...
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    Does RO have a Steam Login menu?

    After a bout of practice on a shooting range map I go to log into a server. Up pops a menu I have never seen before Steam Login required and giving the fields blank. Has this always been there and I've never noticed it?
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    1 year spent prone,clipping,with an smg

    Oh lets not forget camping. You know those muppets after you play for awhile, you know who they are. Always prone and hiding, with just the barrel of their gun sticking through geometry same spots, month in month out. Of course they get you even if you get them with a hip on the way in, and they...
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    funny quote

    Tonight XDC server was playing wateverovko as a soviet tank commander (team)randomn00b: this is so unfair! they have snipers (team)hampster:freakin grow a pair, find their sniper and bash his brains out, problem solved. (team)somerandomguy:lol when the other team is killing you,advance you...
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    Unknown Steam error + random long load times

    Recently I have been getting Unknown Steam errors and unable to connect. Meaning I have to log completly out of steam then log in, Once logged in sometimes the map will load and I am 1-3rd in server like normal and sometimes it will take up to a minute, meaning my precious 34 has been taken...
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    Tank Hijacking

    Before I start on my rant, let me preempt the realism nazis by saying. Yes in WW2 tanks were crewed by a crew and it is Realism!!1 to have a crew here. But the belligerent powers in ww2 didnt just plop Boris or Dieter the slack jawed drunken peasant farmboy into a pair of uniform coveralls and...
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    rubber bullets

    I have noticed ever since I started RO that not all my shots hit. For example with a sniper aiming at a guy, I fire a shot for his head. He doesnt fall, but a puff of smoke from impact with the ground appears in his head, next shot aiming same spot, nothing, 3rd same spot he falls. This is on...
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    clean side and profile views of dp-28 and mg-34

    Anyone have these or know where i could get them?
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    Satchel TKS

    maybe there should be an area in the blast radius from demolishable objectives where -pts and pts toward server ban do not count. I just got banned from a server while playing on Stalingrad as a Sapper on the first freaking door, if you want to watch the door go boom stand just outside the first...
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    Collision Detection on Weapons

    Rifles and other weapons should have some sort of collision detection when dealing with other player models. Nothing like charging right up against a guy to coldcock him with my ppsh, only to have him turn and shoot me. In extreme CQB a rifle should be at an extreme disadvantage mainly by not...
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    MG sights not lined up

    I cant use the MG classes because on the Dp28 and the MG42 my shots fly out at a random angle away from my sights. I will have the sights on a target, but my bullets will be about 10 degrees to the left of my sights. Am I not deploying right or is there a setting to correct this?