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    Theater of War This game looks like it will kick serious ammounts of ass!
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    Blur/pain effects

    I was just thinking, Instead of walking around all willy nilly after you get shot in the stomach, why not use the cool blur/suppression effect to stuff up the players vision for a good long while to simulate extreme pain and/or bleeding. This would add another good reason to try not to be shot...
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    Vehicle Improvements, movement etc

    Well, This is more of a question than a request or an idea, I'm thinking, RO has had the infantry combat down pretty well for a while now, and the tanks are only new, but they could sure as damn hell use an injection of juicy physics and realistic movement, even the transports are sluggish and...
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    Game is unavailible.

    How do I fix this bug again? There used to be a sticky somewhere but i can't seem to find it now, maybe i'm just too tired. This bug is re occuring for me and it's starting to REALLY piss me off. Help!
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    Any removed features?

    There were some features in the mod people didn't like all that much, just a curious question, In RO retail have any features from the mod actually been removed? or will it be all new features plus the old ones?
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    The netcode.

    The one burning question I'd like the Dev's (Not community speculation) to answer is what kind of netcode are we going to see in the new RO, is it like the old style UT/3/4 netcode, favors the lower ping more than anything. Or could we expect a Half-Life style netcode which predicts and evens...